Every Short Girl Grows Up Knowing These Unlucky 13 Struggles
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Every Short Girl Grows Up Knowing These Unlucky 13 Struggles

Forget the knee-high boots and long cardigans.

Every Short Girl Grows Up Knowing These Unlucky 13 Struggles
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I've always been short, I mean, always been told how short I am. At 22 years old, I'm sitting at 5'1, and I gotta say, I never thought I'd pass 5'0! So HOORAY! Even though being short has its perks... like being able to duck under anything and being able to hide in small places, the benefits don't outweigh the struggles. Anyone who is under 5'2 or is classified as 'short' definitely understands the struggle of it and the world can be a scary place.

Here are 13 struggles that everyone who is short can relate to:

1. Short Jokes

My favorites are: "Wow you're so short." and "I didn't realize how short you are." Okay, maybe these aren't actually "jokes," but for real people? It's the most obvious, pointless statement ever used by man. No shit, I'm short, did you think I wasn't aware?

2. Forget about maxi dresses & long skirts

Yeah, they don't make these for us. Unless they're meant to drag across the floor.

3. Mid-rise jeans are high waisted on us

All of my mid-rise jeans are high-waisted on me because I'm short. I wonder how high they'd be if I bought jeans that are labeled "high-rise."

4. Speaking of jeans, "short" jeans are still too long on us

I have to roll up all of my jeans, and it looks weird if I don't. Plus, it's too much effort to get every pair hemmed.

5. And we can completely forget over the knee boots

These will go up to our hips, they just don't work. Trust me.

6. Reaching the top shelf is actually possible... we just jump all the time

7. But if jumping doesn't work, we are forced to have some support

Whether that's asking a friend to grab it for us or grabbing a stool or chair, we will get what we need. I promise.

8. Any long shirt looks weird on us because our legs are short

And we have to make sure those long cardigans don't touch the floor.

9. Hugging tall people is a struggle...

10. Feeling so short in any group of people

There really isn't a time that we feel tall.

11. Feeling the exact same height in heels

This just flat out sucks. Every time I wear heels I think, "Yay I'm gonna look tall." Just kidding, I look the same because other people have heels on too, and they look even taller than normal.

12. We must be in the front

Of a picture, during a play, you name it. Otherwise, we really can't see.

13. Getting picked up

People always pick us up because we're short. I guess being short means they can put their hands on us?

There are many more struggles of being short. Share yours in the comments!!!

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