The 13 Stages Of Seeing Your Favorite Band In Concert
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The 13 Stages Of Seeing Your Favorite Band In Concert

The thrilling journey of seeing your favorite band live.

The 13 Stages Of Seeing Your Favorite Band In Concert

Seeing your favorite band in concert can be one of the most exciting and emotional experiences ever. When you first buy your tickets, you can hardly believe how #blessed you are. You love Favorite Band more than life itself, and you vow to make this concert the best day of your life.

Stage One: You buy your tickets.

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You are flooded with excitement and immediately begin counting the days until you see Favorite Band. Each day of your waiting journey, you inform and re-inform your friends and family that you will be seeing Favorite Band on this date, which is only this many days away.

Stage Two: You begin the "studying process."

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This means you spend your spare time listening to every song Favorite Band has blessed the universe with to ensure that, by the time your concert date comes, you will have every lyric to every song memorized. So help you God.

Stage Three: The week of your concert is here.

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This is the stage where you begin (if you haven't already) to plan all of the details of your concert: How will you get there? Floating on a cloud of joy and happiness, obviously. Do you have enough money saved up for merch? Of course not. What will you wear? What does one wear when going to see the greatest band to ever exist? NOTHING IS GOOD ENOUGH.


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Nothing and no one can bring you down today. Nothing can stand between you and absolute happiness because you will be graced by the heavenly presence of Favorite Band today. You spend the entire day thinking about the concert, aggressively listening to Favorite Band's (AMAZING, PERFECT) songs, and planning what you will say when you inevitably meet Favorite Band tonight.

Stage Five: Arrival.

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THIS IS IT. YOU ARE HERE. YOU ARE WITH YOUR PEOPLE. IN YOUR PLACE. You can barely contain yourself as you enter the venue. You feel like a model strutting onto the runway with millions of people staring jealously at you because everyone knows that you are Favorite Band's Biggest Fan Ever Of All Time. It glows from every pore of your body. You are The Chosen One.

Stage Six: Approach the merch table.

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Now is your chance to purchase the Best Band T-Shirt Ever with Favorite Band/Favorite Band's logo on the front. You plan on wearing it every day for the rest of forever, so everyone will know that you are Favorite Band's Biggest Fan Ever Of All Time, and you have already alerted your friends and family that you would like to be buried in it.

Stage Seven: Claim your territory.

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Whether this be a place in a mosh pit, a spot in the grass, or an actual seat, you claim your spot immediately after your visit to the merch table. You are prepared to fight off anyone who may attempt to steal this territory from you. This is war.

Stage Eight: Listen to the opener.

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This band is OK, but you really just want Favorite Band to take the stage. You wait (im)patiently for Favorite Band to finally come on, possibly for a few hours if there is more than one opening act.


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THERE THEY ARE. RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. YOU ARE LITERALLY BREATHING THE EXACT SAME AIR AS THEM. You are probably screaming, crying, or both. As Favorite Band sings the first words of their first song, you shout along with them, ecstatic that you know every word. Your studying and waiting has paid off, and you are The Happiest Person Alive.

Stage 10: Favorite Band leaves the stage, and you can feel your heart LITERALLY being ripped out of your body.

"ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!" You and the rest of the audience plead. This can't be the end already; they just got here! As time passes, you try to remain positive, but you can feel the post-concert depression beginning to set in. But, just as you are about to give up all hope in anything good and right in the world—

Stage 11: Favorite Band returns for an ENCORE.

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You are literally the most #blessed person in the entire world. This is literally the best day of your entire life. They sing Your Favorite Song, and all is right in the world again. Until...

Stage 12: The encore ends, and Favorite Band ends the concert.

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The lights turn on, background music begins to play again, and EVERYTHING IS WRONG. YOU ARE SO SAD.

Stage 13: Post-Concert Depression Sets In.

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You come to terms with the realization that nothing will ever be as good as the time you shared with Favorite Band. You constantly look back on That Glorious Night you shared, and you refuse to take off The Best Band T-Shirt Ever that you bought at the show. You can be found replaying videos you took on your phone and probably ugly crying.

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