13 Signs You're a New Jersey Driver
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13 Signs You're a New Jersey Driver

The bravest, boldest, all around best drivers out there...

13 Signs You're a New Jersey Driver

Let’s face it: New Jersey definitely does not have the best reputation. Somewhere among being the armpit of the country, filled with “guidos” and “guidettes” we in New Jersey are also supposedly some of the worst drivers in the US. Being from New Jersey we can respond to this accusation in two ways: we could argue, and attempt to prove everyone wrong by obeying driving laws and driving safely. Or, we could have some fun, embrace our reputation and simultaneously arrive at every location faster than anyone else! Personally, I choose to embrace it. Here are 11 signs you are a confident New Jersey driver.

1. You have little to no idea how to pump your own gas

I guess you could say here in Jersey we are spoiled. If you've ever tried pumping gas in another state, it ends up being an unnecessary long ordeal, and you couldn't possibly make it any more obvious that you have no clue what you're doing...

2. You truly believe you are the best driver on the road.

Everyone else is inferior. Especially the out of state drivers. You don't hate them because they're bad drivers, you hate them because they're not from Jersey.

3. You have no patience for people driving slow in the left lane…or slow in any lane for that matter

If you're not going at least 15 mph over the speed limit, you are simply doing it wrong.

4. You define locations by their exit off the parkway

Exit 63: Long Beach Island, Exit 13: Avalon, Exit 100A: Asbury Park.

5. You’re not afraid to flip someone off, or roll down the window and give them a piece of your mind

The classic New Jersey salute, accompanied by road rage and rather foul language. We've all been there.

6. You defy death at least once on every trip to the grocery store

But it most likely wasn't your fault... because you're the best driver on the road.

7. You speed up for yellow lights, not slow down

Red lights? Ain't nobody got time for that. Yellow lights mean speed up, you can always make it if you try...

8. You own at least one PBA card that has helped you get out of a minor speeding ticket

Your cousin, your uncle, your neighbor and your friend all happen to be cops in the area. Therefore, you are invincible and will continue to drive as you please, because not even the cops can stop you.

9. You give someone .05 seconds to move when the light turns green before blaring your horn at them until they move

You've got places to be, there's no time to waste!

10. You create your own parking spots when parking lots are full

Just because there aren't technically any spots left doesn't mean you won't park there...

11. You are a master of jughandles

Because why just make one left when you can make two?! Just sit back and watch as out of state drivers struggle to figure out the maze that is our jughandle.

12. You make U-turns wherever you please

No U-Turn sign? No problem!

13. Your favorite move is the NJ Slide

You like to change over 3 lanes at the last possible second to get to the exit you need to get to, while simultaneously disregarding the well-being of every driver around you.

While we may not technically be the best drivers out there, we get where we need to go and we do it in our own unique (sometime dangerous) way. New Jersey gets a lot of heat, but most of us have learned to embrace it at this point; we love our little state no matter what anyone says, and we wouldn’t want to drive anywhere else.

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