13 Signs You Are A Musical Theatre Nerd

This is for all my Broadway-bound, Hamilton-obsessed, microphone-hogging musical theatre nerds out there! You are a special group of people full of passion, talent, and energy. You are very quirky and sometimes also quite loud. But nonetheless, you are all stars! If you are reading this and feel as though you may be an undiagnosed musical theatre nerd, browse this list and see if you have experienced any of the following symptoms.

1. You don't just sing in the shower... you perform!

"I'd just like to take a moment and thank everyone here tonight within earshot of this bathroom. This one's for you."

2. Your idea of a ~fire~ mixtape is The Hamilton Mixtape.

Come on! It features Chance the Rapper, Wiz Khalifa, Ashanti, John Legend, Usher, and LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA of course!

3. Your music library consists of dozens (if not hundreds) of Original Broadway Cast Recordings.

You probably have playlists of all your favorite shows too.

4. You have accumulated quite the collection of Playbills and ticket stubs!

They're either on display for the world to see or in a thick stack in the depths of your room.

5. You can finish this phrase: "Pop... Six... Squish..."

You can also name what show it comes from and identify the characters that sing this iconic number.

6. And you know the proper response to the question, "What's your name, man?" is not, in fact, your actual name.

The correct answer is: ALEXANDER HAMILTON!

7. You own enough sheet music to wallpaper the entire interior of your house.

And probably a few other houses, to be honest.

8. You belt your favorite songs every time you drive by yourself.

Sometimes you take longer routes or park and wait in your car just to finish listening to or singing a song.

9. Your brain is an encyclopedia of song lyrics.

You're such a pro that you can casually work lyrics and references in to just about any conversation.

10. You have a list of dream roles you're dying to play.

And chances are, that list grows with every show you see!

11. You annoy your non-theatre friends with your constant singing and show references.

And when they ask you to stop, you kindly tell them not to rain on your parade. Then you laugh and start singing again.

12. You are crazy about stage dooring!

It's all about getting the perfect spot AND having at least one sharpie on hand!

13. You would willingly dedicate your existence to the theatre.

If home is where the heart is, then your home is on stage. You live and breathe theatre and would have no problem doing it forever. Your heart and soul are present in every moving piece of theatre you encounter.

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