13 Reasons I Can't Wait To Get Back To 'Gate
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13 Reasons I Can't Wait To Get Back To 'Gate

13 Reasons I Can't Wait To Get Back To 'Gate

1. Can’t Take the Heat

I never thought I’d say this, but summer break is too long. In middle school and high school summers flew by and there wasn't nearly enough time to hang out by the pool with friends and barbecue with the family. Who knew that the extra month of May would make such a difference because I miss going to school like never before. Also, the temperatures are unbearable; I need that upstate New York chill.

2. New Faces

I am incredibly excited for all the new people - meaning transfers, freshmen, and other students. New people mean new opportunities and connections that could lead to wonderful friendships. I am constantly in awe of the kinds of people I’ve met at Colgate. Each person is so intelligent and interesting in his or her own way, and while sometimes our personalities clash, I admire every student just the same for even being at this school.

3. Old Faces

The friends I’ve made at Colgate are different from friends I have in other places. We share so much in common (too much maybe) that it’s hard to be away for so long even if we keep in contact. At home, telling a story that starts “So we were at the Jug…” has to be interrupted with a long explanation of the establishment, and still no one really gets it. No one else knows the burn of the Persson steps at 1 a.m. like my Colgate friends and they never will.

4. Dorm Decorating

My drug of choice. So many themes to choose from - chic and vintage, preppy and modern, free-spirited and mystical, sleek and minimalist - it’s a real (first-world) problem. But decorating your dorm is an opportunity to be creative and expressive, and it’s also important because you have to live there all year. Plain walls and no color is depressing and prison-like, and it makes the school year much harder to get through. My dorm is my home, and I can’t wait to decorate it to my comfort and style.

5. New Food

For those of you who have not read the 40,000 campus distribution emails about Colgate’s dining contract, there is a new food service provider this semester. Though it is likely that Frank will be mostly the same, there is still the hope that culinary innovation and delicious fresh produce are in store for us. Also Frank is now open 24 hours which is divine for students like myself who would rather snack six times a day on food that is paid for in the meal plan than sit at home and make a cup ramen.

6. The Hill

I know, it sounds insane because that’s what climbing the Colgate hill does to you - it makes you crazy. But I do enjoy walking up that hill, when I have time. When I’m late for a class, it’s unbearable, but it is an excellent form of exercise that I sincerely believe keeps me in shape. It will probably take about a week to get used to, but then I’ll be able to make it without drowning in sweat and I’ll feel awesome.

7. School Supplies

The best part of the new school year, by far, is the new stuff. I use the word “stuff” because half of it tends not to be necessary or academic. I buy the most useless things for the year even though I can take all my notes for the semester in one 5-subject notebook.

      8. Greek Life

      Fraternities and sororities at Colgate host many an exciting and creative event throughout the school year but not being allowed to rush as a freshman makes it hard to participate. This year I look forward to actually being friends with people in the organizations so that there’s no such thing as going to a party and barely knowing anyone.

        9. Fall Fashion

        As lovely as the summertime is with its flip flops, short shorts, and strange tan lines, the fall fashion scene at Colgate is something to look forward to. Summer means the temperature is too hot for people to care so it’s basketball shorts and tank tops as far as the eye can see (with the occasional maxi dress on a good day). But in the fall at Colgate, people remember the classier options and out come the Sperry's, polos, riding boots, and so much Vineyard Vines you might just cry. Really, though, I love that Colgate students care about looking presentable, not to an extreme (sweatpants are worn year-round) but enough to make a good impression. (dramatization below)

          10. Activities Fair

          The Activities Fair or Student Involvement Fair (this year on Sep. 9) is a great event for all students to take advantage of. Each year new clubs and teams are created at Colgate, and the Activities Fair is how everyone can learn about and sign up for whatever organizations they want. Plus you can get a lot of free candy which I always look forward to.

          11. Fall Foliage, Winter Wonderland

            12. Hamilton, NY

            I love the village of Hamilton more than I love my hometown. The people who live there are so sweet and wonderful for being citizens in a college town. They have to deal with so much nonsense from Colgate students but still they smile at me whenever I’m down the hill. A lot of people don’t like that Hamilton is tiny, but I grew up in a small town, and I’ve always liked how easily you can get to know people and places. I’ve spent a year living there but still haven’t seen the whole town and everything it has to offer.

            13. Raider Passion

            In this instance I was originally writing about the amazing ice cream flavor sold at Gilligan’s Island in Sherburne created in honor of our school. It's red velvet, vanilla, and Oreo goodness that must be tried at least once during your four years. But now that I think about it, I also love the "Raider passion" for all things Colgate (not only sports) that I have witnessed the past year. I can’t wait to be back in a community of people who all have one great thing in common: a love for Colgate.

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