13 Reasons Why Camp Friends Are The Best Friends
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13 Reasons Why Camp Friends Are The Best Friends

Just some appreciation for the best friendships I've ever had.

13 Reasons Why Camp Friends Are The Best Friends
Raygan Hall

I've grown up going to the same summer camp since I was 9. Whether I'm there for only a week or 5 weeks, I've never left any summer without a new friendship with someone or without feeling so much closer to the ones I've had for years already. It's surprising how close you can get to someone after just spending a week together. So here's why I've learned that camp friendships are the best kind of friendships.

1. They get deeper and deeper each summer.

When you go to camp with someone year after year, you only get to know them better and grow to love them even more.

2. You always have someone to vent to.

Sometimes, it's really nice to have an outsiders opinion on whatever is going on in your life. Plus, you know that they'll always back you up, even if you might be wrong.

3. They've seen you at your best and they've seen you at your absolute worst.

Living in a cabin with someone for weeks at a time brings out many different sides of people that you had no idea existed, but sometimes that makes you love them even more.

4. The amount of late night talks are endless.

Whether it's on the dock, in a hammock, or by the campfire, late night talks, for some reason, are always the most honest. Having friends you can be real with, no matter what time of day it is, is one of the most important things to have in life.

5. We are really good at writing letters.

When you're at camp all summer without any means of communicating with the outside world, you are constantly writing letters back home. So, once you get home from camp, you get to spend the rest of the year writing letters to your camp friends instead.

6. They give the best encouragement.

They know you better than anyone else, which also means they know how to best make you feel better. It comes in handy on those days when you aren't feeling so hot and you need a little pick me up.

7. You always have someone to miss.

It's hard to miss people, but it's so good to have friendships that are so close that you do miss them when you aren't together.

8. They love you exactly how you are.

Since they've seen every possible side of you, you know they don't just love you because you seem really cool, but despite how weird you are and how many problems you may have.

9. Camp reunions are the most looked forward to event of the year.

Whether I see them only at camp, or multiple times a year, knowing I'm going to get to spend time with camp friends outside of camp makes me more excited that any other event.

10. The inside jokes are endless.

A lot of memories and interesting events can happen when spending weeks in a cabin together, so getting to relive those moments each summer with the same people is priceless.

11. They push you to grow spiritually.

They've been there for some of your biggest life changes and commitments, so throughout the year they are always there to keep you accountable.

12. Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder.

Being apart from each other for most of the year can suck, but I always know our friendships will pick up right where we left off when we see each other again.

13. You know no matter where life takes you, your friendships will last forever.

After multiple years, you have this whole long distance friendship thing figured out. You know if your friendship can survive years of separation, that nothing will be able to tear you apart.

So, thanks to all my camp friends. I wouldn't be who I am today without all of y'all.

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