Throughout life, we have people that are placed in our lives. Most people, however, do not last for an extended period of time. Sometimes, we get lucky enough and you have that one person that stays through everything. I was lucky enough to be one of those people. I have had a best friend since I was in 5th grade.

Here are some milestones from the past twelve years of our friendship, along with very embarrassing photos that signify them.

1. The Embarrassing Outfits with Embarrassing Edits

This photo speaks for itself. The “Best Friends Rock” tee shirts from family dollar sounded like a great idea in high school, just in case anybody forgot we were best friends. This photo wouldn’t be the same without the overwhelming picmonkey edit on our teeth and skin.

2. The Bad Hair, skin and outfit stage.

We all went through it, even though it seems like it’s happening less and less to kids. Davina and I definitely had some rough hair and makeup stages.

3. Getting Our Drivers License

It was a huge deal when Davina got her license first. After her 6 months were up (or before, sorry mom) that meant that we had all the freedom in the world. We were finally able to go to the movies or hang out with our friends without our moms right behind us. This was our big ticket to independence.

4. Too Old For Halloween, Too Young To Care

The High School Halloween costumes were one to remember. I don’t even remember what Davina was, and I was way too young to be wearing that (even though Ididn’t think so at the time). Halloween in High School Consisted of getting dressed up, going to a friends, and pigging out on candy we bought ourselves.

5. Prom

Even though I was single, and Davina was in a relationship during prom, I was a proud third wheel and we had fun taking prom photos together.

6. High School Graduation

We spent hours decorating our caps, just to make sure they were perfect. We made sure we were right next to each other for marching, and we made sure our hair looked the same. Because we did everything together, so why should graduation be different? Everybody was sad to be leaving their friends, but we knew we had so many great years ahead that always included each other.

7. First Dorm Room

We shopped for days and days, bought matching furniture and bedding, and made sure to coordinate everything we bought. Even though we ended up changing dorms halfway through the year, and nothing matched anymore, we were still so excited.

8. Through Sickness and Health

Neither of us can catch a break health wise. No matter what, we are always there. Through four hospital stays, 11 surgeries, countless doctors visits and emergency room visits, we’ve been there through it all. Always making sure we’re there, physically or through Facetime.

9. Even Through Loss

Unfortunately, Davina had to have her dog put down in 2014. Losing a pet that we had loved since we were young was tragic. We made the best of the day, eating cheeseburgers and ice cream, making sure his last day on earth was just a loving as he was for the past 10 years.

10. First Apartment Together

Signing a Lease to our first apartment was just as exciting as our first dorm room. The Freshman year coordination shopping happened all over again, but now we got to fill an entire apartment.

12. First Time Bar Hopping

When Davina turned twenty- one, seven months before me I felt so left out. She was able to go out when I wasn’t, and we had to do seperate stuff for a while. Once I turned twenty- one, all bets were off and we were able to hit the town together, (even though most of the time that consists of Margaritas Trivia Night.)

13. Being Welcomed Into The Family

Being an honorary part of Davina’s family is the biggest blessing I could have. I’m so lucky to be a part of a family that doesn’t even question my place, or think it’s weird that I visit even when Davina’s not there.