Leslie Knope knows how to get stuff done. Whether she's trying to build a park, fill in a hole, or throw a Little Sebastian memorial celebration, her can-do attitude makes sure that nothing gets left behind. Therefore, she's the perfect role model to look to when you need an inspirational quote or two about getting your own stuff done, especially around midterms season.

So, here are some of Leslie Knope's best one-liners to help you kick butt on all your exams.

1. When you have to remind yourself who you are and why you're here.

2. When you need to start studying and you have to find some self-motivation.

3. When you're trying to find a great opener for that big paper you have to write.

4. When you study better with others and have to rope your friends in to help you.

5. When you realize you have so much work to do and can't possibly get it all done.

6. When you realize you've reached maximum brain capacity and can't possibly study. Any. More.

7. When you start to get so frustrated and don't even understand why you're even bothering studying.

8. When you realize that you shouldn't have started studying the night before.

9. When you yell at your friends about not being motivated...even though you can't seem to do that for yourself.

10. When you finally start to reach your breaking point.

11. When you're about to start the exam and have to give yourself some final pump up words.

12. When you walk out of the exam completely drained of all energy.

13. When you make it back to your bed after all your exams and know you'll be sleeping for the next three days.

Now with a little Leslie Knope inspiration, go out and do amazing things!