13 Halloween Costumes You Can Find In Your Closet: College Edition
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13 Halloween Costumes You Can Find In Your Closet: College Edition

Halloween when you have a tiny dorm closet and zero budget

13 Halloween Costumes You Can Find In Your Closet: College Edition
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Halloween is around the corner and you don't have a costume. You live in at a place called college where you probably only have part of your regular wardrobe. Also, you probably have little to no money to spend on a frivolity like a costume. What's a girl to do?

Do you have a leather belt?

1. Pirate

add striped shirt + random nautical element + a hearty "Arrghh!"

2. Medieval Princess

add a solid colored dress + some sort of head covering (pillowcase might work) + leather shoes

Do you have tall leather boots?

3. Calvary officer

add military-style jacket + form-fitting pants + yelling a resounding "Charge!" at random intervals throughout the night

4. Jockey

add patterned button up shirt + form-fitting pants

5. Cowgirl

add flannel + jeans + say "Yeehaw" constantly

Do you have school spirit gear?

5. Prospective student

preppy clothes + a t-shirt from your school + a brochure (or 10!) + annoyingly excited attitude—"Well, I'm applying Early Decision because of the world-class faculty, small class sizes and picturesque campus of course".

6. Alum

Mom jeans a t-shirt from your school + dramatic sighs "Ah, I have such fond memories of my alma mater."

Do you have workout gear?

7. Yoga teacher

Yoga gear + form-fitting sweatpants + Cheerily suggesting meditation whenever anyone within 10 feet complains about anything

8. Modern dancer

wear all black + spin around gracefully + talk a lot about artistic process and vision

Do you have a suit?

9. Investment Banker

add a copy of The Wall Street Journal + check the market constantly on your phone

10. Funeral Home Director

add tissues + talk a lot about "options" and "preserving memories"

Can you be a different type of college student ?

11. Bio major

add Lab goggles + painting dark circles under your eyes

12. Music Major

add printouts of sheet music that you carry around all night and complain about but don't actually leave to go practice them!!

13. Your Roommate/Best Friend

Pretend to be the other person all night (or as long as you can!)

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