13 Fictional Rabbits To Celebrate This Easter
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13 Fictional Rabbits To Celebrate This Easter

A guide to some of our favorite bunnies.

13 Fictional Rabbits To Celebrate This Easter

With Easter upon us, I think it is appropriate to honor the guest/animal of honor, the Easter bunny. This little furry friend has been a heralded mascot of this Christian holiday for many years. He appears all over baskets of candy, decorations and even in chocolate form. But this isn't the only rabbit that needs some credit. Here are 13 fictional bunnies worthy of praise this Easter.

1. Bugs Bunny

The king of all fictional rabbits, Bugs is a master of sarcasm and just about every gag. This wisecracking hare has left a legacy of getting out of precarious situations, and doing so with a carrot in hand.

2. Mr. Herriman

This uppity house bunny may have lost his sense of whimsical, but he does still have a hop in his step. This imaginary friend of Mrs. Foster, founder of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, can be quite stiff and yet is still a loving companion.

3. Trix Rabbit

This poor guy can never catch a break. All he wants is a bowl of Trix cereal, a dish that is apparently only for children. Hopefully this poor sap will get to enjoy his fruit breakfast creation one day.

4. Nesquik Rabbit

The chocolate milk enthusiast Nesquik Rabbit is a real dairy connoisseur. The only time you see him is when he’s downing Nestle products. I wonder what this does to his digestive system.

5. Buster Baxter

Beloved friend of Arthur the Aardvark, this bunny is loyal. He may be a bit of a scaredy-bunny but a friend like him you will never find.

6. The March Hare

He may be a bit wacky, considering he spends his time by the side of the Mad Hatter, but he is entertaining. This "Alice in Wonderland" character is great for a joke or at least a good tea party.

7. The Energizer Bunny

This little guy just keeps going and going … He is a ball of energy and apparently a proficient drummer.

8. Mr. Whiskers

A zany rabbit trapped in the jungle. He definitely a bit of a handful for Brandy, the spoiled dog who is also marooned.

9. Thumper

A classic Disney star, Thumper has thumped his way into our hearts for years. He is the very cute and adorable rabbit companion of Bambi. He also appears to be an early victim of ADHD.

10. Roger Rabbit

This goofy goon is framed by an evil maniac who wants to kill cartoons. His zany slapstick is what draws us to this cartoon hair, not to mention his smoking hot cartoon wife, Jessica Rabbit.

11. Rabbit

I would be remiss to not mention this "Winnie the Pooh" staple. This anxiety-driven worry wart reminds us all of that constantly bother person in our lives. Rabbit has some major OCD that makes him a beloved cartoon character, I guess.

12. White Rabbit

This time-obsessed bunny is another “Alice" character who really knows how to be in a hurry. He also is a slang for drugs. How cool!

13. The Velveteen Rabbit

A stuffed animal that comes to life by its owner’s warm affection. This adorable little guy is probably the reason kids have imaginary friends.

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