13 Clever And Creative Costumes For Colgate Students
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13 Clever And Creative Costumes For Colgate Students

With these ideas, you're sure to stand out on campus this Halloween.

13 Clever And Creative Costumes For Colgate Students

Halloween is one of my favorite times at Colgate because I love dressing up. If there is ever any kind of theme party, I will be there dressed fully in theme and often with costume makeup to match. Halloween is like one giant party where you get to pick the theme and go all out with your costume and no one will give you any side eye for it.

A downside to Halloween can be that coming up with a unique costume is incredibly difficult. Here are some suggestions to help you stand out this year - some costumes may take a decent amount of preparation, but others can be haphazardly assembled as you run out the door to an evening of drinking candy.

1. Adam and Steve [Beginner]

No one is missed quite as fondly as Colgate's signature swans. While intended to represent Adam and Eve, Colgate's two swans were rumored to truly be Adam and Steve (what can you do, it's a liberal arts school). Grab a friend, embrace your inner Björk, and represent our beloved former mascots.

2. Adam and Steve [Intermediate]

To bring this costume to the next level, layer the word play! Dress simultaneously as swans, and the biblical characters to which their names allude. See the comprehensive diagram below for inspiration.

3. Adam and Steve [Advanced]

Replicate the antics of last year's SPW and grab yourself an inflatable swan and cruise around Taylor Lake in luxury.

Disclaimer: I in no way endorse this behavior and shall therefore take no responsibility for the repercussions you may face from Campus Safety nor the health risks you may face from falling into the festering pool of bacteria that is Taylor Lake.

Also, pics or it didn't happen.

4. A Jug-rat

A Jug-rat is defined as an individual who frequents the Colgate campus' watering hole: The Old Stone Jug. He or she is usually seen wearing a beat up NorthFace covered in duct tape that prominently displays identifying information over a bodycon dress or a Vineyard Vines polo. A true Jug-rat is never caught without a 'Gate Card, a drivers license, a VIP card (if eligible), and some Slices tokens for later.

5. The Jug

This costume is ideal for the DIY-er. Replicate the sign for the Old Stone Jug and fasten it to yourself using some rope. Recruit a group of friends (ideally dressed as Jug-rats) to stand in a line behind you for the entire evening.

6. The Ghost of Sodexo

While many were happy to see Sodexo leave campus, there are still aspects that we will miss. Pay your respects to our former dining service provider by wearing that signature Sodexo blue, eating a quesadilla, and finishing your night with some mildly bearable food poisoning.

Just look how bad this guy wants to come back to campus. You can see it in his eyes.

7. The Colgate Plague

Haunt all potential lovers this ol' Hallows Eve by dressing in all black to reference the Black Death, and coughing incessantly. The occasional sniffle will also go a long way with this look.

8. Someone who died in the package line

We have all surely been moments away from becoming the true iteration of this costume while waiting to retrieve our parcels from the mail room. All you need to make this look come to life is a ghostly complexion and a card that you would find in your mailbox, or an email notification, indicating you had a package waiting for you. Avoid eye-contact with passing tour groups by staring at your phone all night.

"I have five parcels in UPS-1."

9. A zombie in a 7:55 AM class

All have tried to avoid the terror that is a 7:55 AM class. Complete this look by wearing your pajamas, using dark eye makeup to recreate bags under the eyes, and spending your evening not paying attention to anything anyone is saying. Don't forget to grab a coffee before heading out!

10. A first-year student

Fashion this costume by wearing the T-shirt you were given at orientation, wear your 'Gate Card and room key around your neck with your trusty Colgate lanyard, and spend the evening trying to bring back the Colgate Hello while immediately adding everyone you meet on Facebook.

Probably where first-years first see the Colgate lanyard in action.

11. A Slice

Slices are the glue that holds together the Colgate community. Pay homage to everyone's favorite late night snack by dressing up as a slice of pizza. But remember, slices come plain only, and preferably with a side of Ranch.

12. Someone who got frostbite walking up the Hill

We've all been there. Recreate this look using by dressing in your iciest colors (blues and whites) and trying out a frostbitten make-up look. Or simply dressing as any of the characters from Frozen would suffice as well.

"If only we had just taken the Cruiser."

13. Raider

This is legitimately the scariest costume anyone could ever wear.

Those blood red eyes really have me feeling some type of way.

Happy Halloween and may the costume odds be ever in your favor!

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