With graduation just months away (jeez that's so scary to type) here are 12 things you might be feeling about senior year second semester.


No more tests, no more papers, no more assignments, no more lectures!!!

2. Oh my god no more school.

Like maybe ever. Never again will I sit at a desk and be surrounded by a bunch of people my own age. I'm going to like be a real person. Unless of course I decide to go to grad school or some other kind of school but still totally not the same.

3. I'm going to have a job. A big person job.

Like a 9-5 job at a desk maybe. Afterwards I am going home either to my high school bedroom or to an apartment where all my friends aren't two blocks away.

4. But hey, at least, I'm leaving here right?

I mean I hate it here at times. The area sucks, there is nothing to do. Totally not like home.

5. And I mean honestly most of the people here I don't even really like.

So glad to say goodbye to those annoying group partners...

6. Except like you know my friends. Some of the best friends I've ever made. Those I'm not really ready to leave.

You know, the only ones who would stay up with me all night when I was deathly ill and who would always make sure I was never sad and alone.

7. But things won't change that much between us. Will they?

I mean everyone always says with so much social media and technology it's super easy to stay in touch. Yeah, definitely right?

8. So...what happens now?

Like okay now I'm gonna hopefully have a job. But then what? Like hi life what's the next step here??

9. People aren't going to expect me to have everything sorted out right?

Because I totally don't. I can't even remember not to microwave tin foil. I'm definitely not ready to be a full-fledge adult yet.

10. Omg I'm going to have to pay for alcohol like all the time.

No more parties with free drinks. Now my life is going to be bars.

11. But at the same time now I will have my own funds to really do whatever I want.

Peace out Ith and hello Miami!

12. I just hope that whatever the future has in store for me.... it only gets better from here.