In many tv shows, the main character is with the wrong person, but he/she meets their soulmate without even knowing it. The audience watches as the characters are oblivious to their true love. Sometimes, this happens in real life, so these are 12 ways you and your significant other are Jim and Pam.

1. You Have Been Friends For A Long Time

And you were content with that.

2. You Were There For Each Other Before You Started Dating

Because that's what friends do!

3. Your First Date Was Really Exciting

Honestly, it was surreal because you had been friends for so long.

4. You Catch Each Other Up On Your Latest TV Shows

And share your guilty pleasure shows like "Trading Spouses."

5. You Have The Same Sense Of Humor

So playing pranks on other people is hilarious

6. He/She Makes You Laugh

7. A Lot

8. You Can Tell Each Other Anything

Even when you don't think so.

9. You Knew You Were Meant To Be From Day One

10. You Don’t Care About Each Other’s Pasts

11. Inside Jokes Are A Given

12. And You Support Each Other Always

Can you relate? Do you love The Office? Let me know in the comments below.