12 uN/Fortunate Ordeals Learned: Part II
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12 uN/Fortunate Ordeals Learned: Part II

Life is a journey, filled with forks, pitfalls, avalanches, and cliffhangers. Every step you take is a step towards the next worst thing. And yet, at the same time, maybe for the best. Avoiding every trap in life is as easy as struck by 10,000 lightning bolts--and living to tell the tale. We all must face the inevitable; how we react to it will ultimately define us.

12 uN/Fortunate Ordeals Learned: Part II

4. save your $ bills

Money is considered to be the "root of all evil." Money is also considered to be the root of: food, shelter, education, rent, car payments, gas, books, water, and other various accouterments necessary for every-day life. Save some of that dough for later, splurge occasionally when appropriate, look for deals. Maybe you don't need Taco Bell; maybe you could just eat something at home. Maybe you don't need those shoes; wait a few weeks until it's on clearance. Or better yet, donate it to a good cause. You are your own accountant first.

5. your choices make or break you

I'm a heavy believer of the butterfly effect: a single change (no matter how small) changes the outcome of everything. Now I know it's not the true scientific term, but it's kind of like a tl;dr (maybe...). But it's the truth. A single, good conversation can lead towards a date. A good date could lead to marriage. Good marriage could lead into a happy life with children, and grandchildren. Imagine what would have happen if you acted like a total and complete asshole to that person. You'd probably never see them ever again, due to that shitty attitude. That applies to work, school, relationships, and even to the food you eat. We all need to choose wisely.

And yet, opportunities are for the impatient, eager for more.The critical period of opportunities wane as deadlines approach. Sometimes we don't have time to make split-second decisions.; it goes on the spur of the moment. While a plan is important to follow, being flexible to change might be for the best. Perhaps, curiosity might lead you to something worthwhile and amazing. Or perhaps not, something you might regret down the line. Whatever the case, you are responsible for your own decisions. Be very, very aware of the consequences.

6.mistakes make the worst stains, and the best detergent

Prepare for the brutal honesty. Accept that you're not perfect and flawed. The moon is not a round ball of cheese; it is a cratered rock with acne scars. A state of pure perfection is a curse woven by the imperfect to wear on a throne of lies. Memories can be harassing agents to one's psyche, especially if everyone is able to recall it. Like the scarlet "A," it can linger on and on your character. it can be embarrassing, frightening, and outright enraging. Knowing that you failed is not a good feeling.

You can either (A) treat it as "nothing" and move on, or (B) attempt to redeem yourself; I choose the latter. I'm an incredibly stubborn person, impatient and outright spontaneous. I make decisions that have ended up train wrecks, and they still haunt me. But the crucial thing I try to remind myself is to stop drowning, stop dragging myself into the mess I made and clean up shop. One of the most important things I've learned in my sociology classes is "deterrence": a sense of awareness and fear about consequences one could receive through a specific course of actions. I choose not to forget, in order to not try and not make the same mistake again.

For part III: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/12-un-fortunate-ordeals-learned-part-iii

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