There are hundreds of colleges across the country, and each one is different from the next. However, there are a bunch of situations/feelings that all college students have definitely experienced, no matter what school they go to. So, without further ado here is a list of things that all college students can relate to: as told by your favorite MacLaren's regulars.

1. When you get to class and see somebody sitting in your *unofficial* assigned seat

2. When all of your professors schedule their exams for the same day

3. That one kid in class who seems to know the answer to EVERYTHING

4. When you take procrastination to a whole new level

5. And then force yourself to actually sit down and study

6. Three exams, a paper and a presentation all due Friday?

7. That means you need to pull an all-nighter fueled by a more than a couple lattes from Starbucks

8. The satisfaction you feel after acing the exam you spent countless hours studying for

9. When you're sitting in your 8 a.m. still half asleep

10. Those days when you leave philosophy feeling a little too inspired

11. There's always that one guy who ruins the curve for everyone

12. And once in a while, the dining hall will surprise you by playing a killer throwback track