12 Times The Cast Of 'Scandal' Proved They Were The Best Cast On Television
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12 Times The Cast Of 'Scandal' Proved They Were The Best Cast On Television

This is a unique, wacky, lovely group of actors that deserves to be appreciated.

12 Times The Cast Of 'Scandal' Proved They Were The Best Cast On Television

We all have our favorite shows and our favorite characters on those shows, but nothing compares to finding your favorite television cast because these are the real people behind the characters. Sometimes, you find a group of people that are just so cute and work so well together that it makes your heart flourish, and you wonder why you don't have a job where you can work with such wonderful people. Well, the cast of "Scandal" is just one of those casts. They are a remarkable group of individuals, and there are so many reasons why. So, this is basically my love letter to the wonderful cast of "Scandal."

1. They live tweet every Thursday night

It's true. This cast hops on Twitter at 9 p.m. whenever there is a new episode (both East and West Coast airing) and tweet alongside fans until that episode is over. They take the time to retweet and interact with fans, and coming from someone who tweets with them every Thursday, it's very rewarding. Who knows? They may be told that they have to tweet every Thursday, but it doesn't change the fact that the good majority of them are always responding to fans and answering questions, and that means a lot.

2. Even when they are on set

This is, clearly, an extension of No. 1. Again, it just shows that they really care. They are taking the time in between takes and before they start working to interact as much as they can.

3. This magical interview

This is a video from the "Scandal" cast Facebook takeover, which took place very early in the morning when they were all overtired. It mostly explains itself, but if you every wanted to see this cast pass around a giant wine glass and "drink" to fish questions out or shame Scott Foley into sitting down, you need to watch this.

4. Scandal High

We have to partially thank Jimmy Kimmel for this beautiful piece of television by showing us what "Scandal" could have been if they went with the original idea of "Scandal High." (If you haven't seen it, you need to watch all four episodes. Run, don't walk to YouTube). Of course, the cast was game to play these ridiculous characters, and it ended up being just about the greatest thing ever.

5. Their philanthropy

The "Scandal" cast is very involved in different charities and organizations, and they often speak out about different social issues. Bellamy Young is very involved with animal welfare charities like Operation Blankets of Love. Kerry Washington has her Purple Purse Foundation and was honored Variety's Power of Women for her work for Arts in Humanities. Tony Goldwyn helps a slew of charitable organizations and works closely with AmeriCares, and Portia de Rossi is very involved with animal welfare as well and was honored by Compton Jr. Posse. Additionally, Josh Malina will follow anyone who will make a $10 donation to Mazon, and Katie Lowes is very involved with American Forests. Plus, those aren't even all the cast members.

6. They are always dancing

For some reason, this cast is constantly breaking out into mini dance parties. There is no real explanation as to why, but I'm not complaining. Above is a little video that has been pieced together from various clips of dancing.

7. They support each other

If it isn't obvious by now, this cast is full of crazy-talented and hard working people, so they are always up to something. Whether it is starring in a show, singing, or being honored with an award or at an event, the other cast members are always very supported of their friends, and they aren't afraid to promote each other's upcoming events.

8. They're always have fun when they're together

It's obvious that they can't stand each other, right? Just kidding. It's rare that you don't see these people laughing and joking around with each other, which is slightly unexpected since they are on a very dramatic show. However, it's so fun to see them let loose and joke around with each other.

9. Especially behind the scenes

It's not just on talk shows that they are getting along and laughing together. There are so many behind the scenes moments captured on video for your enjoyment. But to summarize, the cast goofs around a lot. They feed off of each other, and it's so much fun to watch.

10. They are so grateful for their fans

The "Scandal" cast constantly says that they wouldn't have a show without their fans, and they are always saying thank you and throwing shout outs to the fans of the show for keeping them going. It's refreshing to see an entire group of people acknowledge the fans, for we know it doesn't always happen. As a huge fan of "Scandal," it makes me happy to here that they are as grateful for us as we are for them.

11. They devote a lot of time to their fans

When they are being bombarded with requests for pictures and autographs, they have a smiling face on and try to get to as many people as possible. There are so many cast members who will do everything they can at events to try and meet and take pictures with as many people as possible, and it's a really kind gesture.

12. They are one big happy family

Although it's obvious by all of the above, the cast of "Scandal" is like one big happy family. They support each other, they laugh together, they hang out together and though they each have their own personal lives and families, when they come together they have an incredible chemistry that is just undeniable. No matter if you left too soon or were late coming in, you are apart of the "Scandal" family. They are an amazing cast full of amazing people on an amazing show, and we are lucky that we get to be on this journey with them.

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