12 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Pixie Cut
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12 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Pixie Cut

Throw social norms and gender expectations out the window!

12 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Pixie Cut

A pixie cut can be really life-changing. Never would I have guessed how different my life would become. Along with my look changing physically. My external persona and how I felt on the inside changed as well. Meaning, I was finally putting out what I felt internally and my internal became my external. I have never felt more like myself in my entire life...But I will get into that later in this article. When I finally told myself to stop being a “pixie,” went to the salon and cut my hair; suddenly, all these new experiences flooded into my life. Whether the experience was positive or negative, I learned so much about myself. Yes, I know what your thinking. But no, this article isn't a sales pitch for a pixie cut. Rather a guide, A guide based on real experiences I went through and information I learned after cutting 13 inches of hair. Before taking the leap you may be thinking about; let me tell you what you will be getting yourself into.

1. You are breaking gender roles and social norms -- so be prepared for stares.

This began right when I got out of the salon, after I just got the pixie. At first, as I was sitting in Panera Bread, drinking coffee, waiting for my ride home after my huge decision of cutting my hair; I thought it was the overwhelming paranoia about being stared at for looking “different” that made me think I was being stared at. However, I was wrong. I eventually realized, people were actually staring at me. It’s something that I had to really get used to. Having a pixie cut -- you are being bold, like wearing a red arrow over your head, you will be getting a lot of attention. It makes sense,for as long as humans have been in existence, we all have the instinct to be curious and look at things that are new and different. So be ready for your friends and some people you just met touch your hair and say, “Wow! I love your hair! I mean I would never get it, but it looks so good!” Which leads me to my next point, although many people will love it, obviously there will be a few who are more on the conservative side and will stare out of pure dislike. You are breaking the social and gender rule: girls are associated with long and boys are associated with short hair. Abiding by that rule, any other way or style would be very outlandish. Despite living in a very liberal modern society full of young people breaking the “mold,” there are many many who still follow the strict social ”rules.” Which is why you will eventually develop “Armour” as you get more comfortable with your pixie. You are now living against popular opinion, this will make you stronger. I know it definitely made me stronger. Gender roles are a made up set of ideas anyways -- so we might as well make up our own rules too! Every person has the freedom to express themselves however they like. So getting a pixie cut would not only make you a tougher and more confident individual, it will help the cause of breaking the normalities and "rules" of society that we all have been subjected to. So don't be insecure about the cut, rock it and be proud! You are making a confident statement!

2. Yes, you will be mistaken for a boy.

The number of times I've had to deal with this despite the fact that I've only had a pixie cut for a short period of time now is ridiculous. Most recently, when I was with my family at Wawa and the cashier called me a “him.” However, I had no makeup on and my outfit being running shorts and a shirt may have made me look probably like prepubescent boy. So I really can't blame the cashier for thinking that way. Most of the times when you will be called a, “he” or “him” is most likely be when as Drake said in his song, “Best I ever had”, “...sweatpants...chilling with no makeup on, that's when…” You probably will be called a boy. They are those times where you quickly have to run to the store and your hair looks like you experienced an electric shock in your sleep. So then you just decide to sport a snapback or a beanie to cover up you hair. Be ready to be called a 12-year-old boy. Be ready to be asked where your mommy is...okay maybe it won't be that bad but you will sometimes still be mistaken for a guy. This is due to the gender standards. Gender roles and standards exist in order to make better sense of semantics. As stated in number one, boys are associated with short hair and girls are associated with long hair. Gender standards help differentiate. In spite of the liberated youth of today that I alluded about previously, social normalites will always be there to better understand things. Therefore, when you have a pixie, don’t be offended if someone calls you a boy. You may have feminine clothes or facial features, but people are just going along with the norms!

3. It's going to ruin your “game.”

This correlates with my earlier statements about the social norms and gender expectations. As shallow as you think this is, it happens. Guys will overlook you, just because of your hair. Now I know you're probably yelling at the screen right now, “It’s the inside that counts the most right?” Well yes and no. Physical attraction has a lot to do with it, rather than just personality. Your “look" is what gets the guy to go out of his way to talk to you and then get to know “the inside.” Many guys are not attracted to girls with short hair -- so it will ruin your chances. However, there are also many guys out there who love short hair! So, just be confident and be you; he’ll come around! This also goes along with girls who have women preferences too! Basically, if the current person you're talking too or have a crush on favors long hair more and makes that a priority -- then move on! The right person will come around! Like I said, be confident and be you!

4. You will be intimidating.

This one goes with the preceding number. Both girls and guys will be intimidated by you. Breaking the gender mold will make you come across as bold, edgy, and very very confident. People will either absolutely love this or be scared off. There were a few occasions where after I met people, they would surprise me and tell me things like, “I was a little scared to talk to you at first.” This isn't something to worry about. Yes, I'm going to use the most cliche of terms, Just be confident and be yourself! You'll have people flocking to you!

5. “Low maintenance” hair isn't always low maintenance.

If you currently have long hair and are used to getting cuts every few months -- forget it! Pixie cuts need constant hair salon trips to keep its perfect shape, preferably once a month. Furthermore, when you get the initial cut; trying out different ways to style your hair will take longer than it took to style your longer hair. Dealing with it when you wake up is just as annoying. If you expected that with a pixie cut, you'd wake up with perfect beautiful hair every morning-think again. Waking up with some pieces sticking straight up or parts of your hair just overall flat looking and looking like you just got out of a hair pulling and messing cat fight, is of more realistic view. This all depends on how you slept the night before. Besides the bed head and frequent hair salon trips, taking forever to style your hair is just something that is experienced in the beginning -- eventually doing your hair will be a breeze and you’ll be styling your hair in five minutes flat!

6. Your new hobby will be experimenting with your hair!

Once you've gotten used to your pixie -- you may get bored with your natural style of your hair. Looking for different and unique ways to play around with it will become a new past time! I know it's mine! I have become a picture hoarder and my phone is now full of screenshots of cute hair styles! Furthermore, figure out your hair and what looks good on you. Think about the texture of your hair -- if you do the style will it look too poofy or stick straight up? Or will it look flat? These are some questions you must ask yourself before trying a new hair style. However, you will never know if it will look good on you until you try it! Yes, maybe the tousled waves or slick back may look good on those girls on Pinterest, but does it really look good on you? So try different hairstyles to see what you can and can't rock! Pixies are bold as it is -- so try bold hair styles to heighten the boldness. In my opinion, a pixie cut gives you more of an excuse to play around with it (not that you need one in the first place!) because of how daring the look already is. Maybe try an obnoxious color like a bright pink?! Think of your hair as art. Make your hair your muse. YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and other social medias are great sources for inspiration!

7. Your face will become more prominent -- makeup will be your new best friend!

With all your hair chopped off, your face is no longer hidden. So say hello to bold lipsticks and over all makeup looks. Now I'm not saying to cake your face in compensation for all the hair you don't have anymore. Im saying you can wear a lot, just don't over do it. Just as every beauty guru has said and now matter what hairstyle you have; cakey makeup is never cute. Your face becomes the center stage when you get the pixie, so you gotta flaunt that pretty face! Personally, this is one of my favorite perks about the pixie, I can wear a full face of makeup with a bold lip and still look elegant. The short hair balances out the intensity of the makeup. So be fierce and daring -- try different makeup looks! Let that beautiful face shine!

8. Your cheekbones will look awesome.

This relates to number 7. You're face will be more noticeable. Whether or not you have naturally high cheekbones they will be more evident. A little makeup can also be used to enhance them even more! Who doesn't want great cheekbones? Pixies definitely make your cheekbones look better!

9. You can wear the loudest pieces of clothing without looking tacky.

This one is also very similar to number 7. The short hair will balance out any bold and audacious clothing choices. Be fearless! You wanna pull off the neon yellow rain coat? Do it! You can rock it!

10. Hickies will be harder to hide.

Obviously without all your hair, hickies will be harder to conceal. This was never a problem for me though. No, not because I'm forever alone haha… But because a little makeup can do so much! So just as long you can get your hands on some foundation or concealer, there is no need to worry!

11. Clearly communicate with your stylist before you cut your hair so you get exactly the pixie style you want.

This tip is very, very, important. You don’t want to get something you didn't ask for. Make sure you're getting what YOU want and not what your stylist wants. However, you are 100 percent allowed to ask your hairstylist for an opinion on what you should get. This is your hair -- so it's obviously your choice to pick! You don't want a Ruby Rose when you asked for an Anne Hathaway do you? Always make sure you and your stylist are one the same page. Furthermore, listen to your stylist as well. If they say a certain style won't look good on you -- they're probably right. They are professionals and would know best. However, if you are still adamant about getting the style -- get it! As I alluded before, it’s your hair, so it's your choice to decide what you want done to it. You’ll never know how a style looks until you try it!

12. You will feel more confident than ever! So just get the pixie cut already!

Overall, I don't regret getting the pixie cut. Dealing with breaking the “mold” of society, having men completely overlook me, getting stares from other people, looking intimidating, and no longer hiding behind all my hair, among many other things; has made me a stronger person. My confidence is currently at a height it has never been and I’ve never felt more like, “me” in my entire life. The pixie cut is definitely an experience that can really change your mindset in a positive way. Even if you hate the haircut, dealing with it and the odd growing out process, will bring up your confidence. You may not like the pixie cut you just got. However, you cannot wear hats and beanies all the time to cover it up. Eventually, you will just get used to it and the “armour” will slowly build on you as you wear it out and show your bad haircut to the world. Learning how to not care about what others think is the main lesson here, even if you don't hate it and absolutely love the cut! Other people's opinions don't matter. Can you guess what opinion does? Yours and yours alone. Hair always grows back. So, if you hate it -- rock it and the awkward growing out phase with confidence till your hair is back to the desired look. You will never know how you look with the pixie until you try it! As I already stated many times, Hair. Always. Grows. Back. Confidence is something I gained from this hair cut and is something I think anyone would gain from it too; whether they like it or not! So c’mon! Go out and get it already! A confidence booster is waiting for you!

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