12 Things You Definitely Do If You're The Mom Friend
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12 Things You Definitely Do If You're The Mom Friend

12 Things You Definitely Do If You're The Mom Friend
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1. You have mastered the 'mom look'. Your friends know this look all too well. And they most certainly know to stop whatever foolishness they may be up to when they see you giving them this look.

2. Your purse can double as a survival pack. Mom friends are notorious for carrying an array of first aid materials, snacks, water, tide pens, medications, wipes, tissues, feminine products, hand sanitizer, umbrellas, sunscreen, etc. Let's be honest, if you got stranded on a desert island, you'd be just fine. You probably even have a boat in your purse somewhere.

3. You should have an honorary license to be a therapist by this point. As the mom friend, you are always asked for advice. You are the shoulder to cry on and the listening ear. Everyone confides in you. It's a good thing you aren't a horrible person, because you've got enough personal information to blackmail at least 50 people.

4. You constantly feed your friends. They simply aren't eating enough. They skipped lunch? Never fear, mom friend is here! You've got a selection of snacks with you to nourish your starving friends. If they don't eat now, they'll get grumpy later. Which you know, because you are practically their mother.

5. You have definitely made your friends go to bed before. If they stay up too late, you will for sure make them go to sleep. It doesn't matter that you're up later than them; what matters is that they are well-rested.

6. You've also essentially grounded a friend or two before... If they haven't done their homework or chores, you will refuse to hang out with them until they have done so.

7. You have made important phone calls for your friends. You call their doctor, dentist, insurance company, etc whenever your friends are in over their head or simply don't know how to go about a certain adult task, like asking about the rise in their car insurance rate.

8. Your friends have been forced to undergo first aid at some point or another. Got a paper cut? Well guess what bud, here is some neosporin and a bandaid. Whether you want it or not. Got a cold? Here is a ton of chicken noodle soup and cough drops and vitamin C pills. Go rest until you feel better.

9. Your friends are required to tell you when they get home safely. You're constantly telling them to text you once they get home and let you know where they are so you know they're safe. They'll probably sigh and sarcastically say, "Okay, Mom". But they know they'd better do it, or else you'll send out a search party.

10. You've definitely picked your friends up before. And you'd do it again in a heartbeat. If they are in a bad situation or need to a ride home, you'll be there.

11. You've helped friends adult many, many times. Reminding them to pay bills, eat food, cook, clean, do laundry, take medicine, get gas, save money, etc. It's what moms do.

12. You love and care about your friends. You'd do anything for them. And you know they'd do the same.

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