The "soccer mom"...easily identifiable, often traveling in packs and sporting Jack Rogers and/or Lululemon. They are the loudest ones on the sidelines, annoyingly into yoga, and the people you want to babysit for. They're also mom goals. If you've ever caught yourself thinking "I'm so going to end up being a soccer mom", it's probably due to at least one of these reasons:

1. You grew up in a suburb.

Once in a bubble-world, always in a bubble-world. The idea of a small town where everyone knows everyone may be what you're trying to get away from right now, but one day, you admittedly want to return to the utopia.

2. You're a babysitter.

It takes a special kind of person to be able to deal with children all day long. Especially when you're young and they're not even yours.

3. You're great with parents.

...And you pretty much know it. (Hey, future).

4. You don't mind running errands.

At all, actually. It's basically like a hobby for you.

5. You're a pro-level gossiper.

Nothing keeps you more entertained than knowing whose family friend's daughter is dating whose neighbor's cousin.

6. You love Pinterest more than the average person.

You're pin boards say it all. Future home, you're in good hands.

7. You pick up your younger siblings from school.

Hey fam, just practicing!

8. You drive a sensible yet flashy car.

Anything mid-sized or Audi-like will do.

9. You always have snacks on hand.

There's a granola bar in my bag in case anyone gets hungry!

10. "Coffee dates" with your girlfriends is something you regularly participate in, in all seriousness.

Gotta get the latest gossip while simultaneously invading the local Starbucks

11. You love to host.

Cocktail party meets BBQ cookout?! Yes, please, I already have my outfit picked out and a Pinterest board of decorations and drinks made.

12. You live by your calendar.

Planners are the holy grail. How else would you make spin class, your appointments, and get all your errands done?

To a generation of future cool moms, ;~).