Everyone's mom probably has those sayings, or habits that they used to do as we were growing up. When we were younger, these were fathoming. Who would need to turn the radio down? That's absurd. However, as a young adult, I find myself saying more of my mom's sayings, and making more of my mom's moves. My mom is amazing and easily my favorite woman in the entire world. She has some weird quirks, but oddly enough, they make a lot of sense.

1. "Mute the commercials please," after long days listening to a gazillion people's rants, silence is golden.

2. "I'll just do my make-up in the car," gone are the days of caring about how you look to go 99% of places.

3. Speaking of cars, this one is interesting, but the best mom move and saying, "You should always have a razor and deodorant in the car." Seriously. If you don't, just wait, there will come a day when you look down at your knee and see that one lovely patch you missed or wonder what that smell is when it's you.

4. "I guess it's chips for lunch today," because there are such things as Mondays when you forgot to go grocery shopping and no way you're buying lunch.

5. "Please turn the radio down," because sometimes you don't need Blueday or 20Chains blaring at 9 A.M. in the car on the way to work.

6. I think I ask my co-worker this every other day, "What day is it?" Gone are the days when every day was written in the top corner of your paper.

7. "Can you call me?" This one strikes me because I myself am shocked that it is easier for me to communicate over the phone than text. Even if I could literally talk into my phone to text.

8. "I can only stay in that store for 20 minutes without getting a headache," and I now see the light that you might actually want to be able to see your clothes before purchasing them, as well as be able to hear when you walk out of the store.

9. "No really, I enjoy sitting on the floor" because actually a lot of the time I need space and laying on the hard floor might re-align my back after sitting in an office chair all day. Just maybe.

10. "I have a coupon for that!" Yes. This is the best ever when the cashier asks if you have a coupon and you can whip out your BOGO cutout or student ID for a discount.

11."Doe, swerve, swag, turn-up, turnt, or whatever kids are saying these days," sadly I actually am not caught up on the latest and greatest and always end up misusing "Hip" terms.

12. "I'm a morning person," this is crazy and not necessarily voluntary. What has the real world already started doing to me? This is coming from a past daily napper who used to sleep in. It's not that I don't still love and need sleep, it's just that I have no choice unless I don't want a job. Rise and shine!

13. "You're going to miss this one day," I know all of a sudden this took a sappy turn, but my mom used to always say this and tell me to appreciate every moment. So here's to you mom, because you were right! So thankful for all the memories and times spent together.

Love you mom, and thanks for the weird sayings and quirks.