12 Male Actors We'd Love To See Cast On 'Grey's Anatomy'
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12 Male Actors I'd Break A Limb To See Cast On 'Grey's Anatomy'

Yes, McDreamy, we will always love you!

12 Male Actors I'd Break A Limb To See Cast On 'Grey's Anatomy'

"Grey's Anatomy" is known to be one of the most popular shows watched weekly on Thursday nights for the past 13 years. While we all know about the infamous Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) who is no longer on the show and us girls love to have a go-to crush every season or even every episode.

With some characters gone after a few seasons, it is hard to picture what "Grey's Anatomy" would do without these influential actors. Shonda Rhimes, if you are reading this here are a few ideas of actors you should cast for the next season.

1. Alex Pettyfer


Can you just imagine a guest actor coming in to save the day AND he has an accent. That is a win-win in my book!

2. Josh Duhamel


No I am not saying lets replace Alex Karev, but this hottie is amazing with kids and could definitely be a huge help in the pediatric wing and he's easy on the eyes!

3. Liam Hemsworth


Picture this: a storm comes through Grey-Sloan and leaves the place a disaster, Liam comes to help rebuild the place and finds out he has a true talent of working hands on with a patient.

4. Ashton Kutcher


I'm surprised he hasn't been a guest on the show yet, because in all honesty he is an incredible actor and you can only watch That 70's Show a handful of times until you start quoting the entire series.

5. Chad Michael Murray


Mr. One Tree Hill over here is a charismatic guy who would totally become best friends with Link. Whether he likes blood or not I can see him fitting into the cast quite well.

6. Dave Franco


I mean look at this man. He is beautiful, talented and smart. I am not saying we need anymore of them in this series but Shonda should definitely get in contact with him if she plans on doing anymore dramatic episodes with cliffhangers.

7. Ryan Reynolds


Okay so we all remember the episode that turned into a Broadway show a few seasons ago right? Now if let's say they were to do something similar again I could just picture Ryan throwing on some scrubs and helping out the interns in their dance number.

8. Jamie Dornan


One of the most underrated actors and normally people see his name and just think '50 Shades of Grey.' Sure, he was the main character in those movies, but a special guest appearance of him showing up in a tux to a ball or award ceremony and presenting Meredith with an award would leave the fans with their jaws dropped.

9. Robbie Amell


Yes he looks like a model straight out of a teen magazine, but he is more than just that. He has been in a handful of movies and shows, but for someone who has dreamed about acting from such a young age this could be the next McRobbie.

10. Chris Pine


Within seconds of being on camera he would be the next doctor to have a fling with an intern and not be afraid to admit it.

11. Austin Butler


Blonde hair and blue eyes also known as the definition of eye candy on television shows these days. The moment he flashes his abs on screen every viewer will have their eyes attached to the screen.

12. Taylor Lautner


Yes he is still around after his 'Twilight' debut. If Taylor were to be on Grey's I could see him living in a lavish mansion and throwing parties after every long shift at the hospital, well because why not?!

Season 15 we are ready for all the surprises and thrills you have in store!

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