12 Inspirational Animals to Get You Through Finals Week
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Student Life

12 Inspirational Animals to Get You Through Finals Week

Some encouragement and advice from furry friends

12 Inspirational Animals to Get You Through Finals Week

If finals weeks has knocked you flat like this little kitten, then here's a some encouragement.

1. It's a struggle to get started sometimes.

Everyone has a bit of trouble getting started on occasion. Just because you've been unable to even look at your 67 US History flashcards or crack open the book your 12 page paper due tomorrow is on, none of that means you aren't competent human being. What happens during finals week should stay in finals week. Life would be so much kinder if only we could convince our GPA of that.

2. Find some motivation to study.

Write two pages of your lab report? Reward yourself with 20 minutes of mind numbly stupid YouTube videos. Finish your last sociology worksheet? It's time for a snack. Problem being you already ate all your snacks last week when you were procrastinating and all you really want is sleep.

3. Ignore distractions.

Seeing a friend in the library that you haven't talked to in a while would be nice, but he stole "your spot." Don't engage him in conversation. Don't break down and cry or accuse him of betraying your friendship by stealing your desk from you. Go somewhere else nice and quiet without distractions.

4. Don't listen to the anyone who says you won't pass.

Never mind your midterm grade and less than confident feelings about the final. You gotta keep the dream alive.

5. Practice your pleading face.

You're gonna need it for when you beg your prof for an extension. Which you will for at least one class. Professors are practiced in fishing out the illegitimate excuses, so either come clean about how you didn't start your term project until last week or focus your argument on how little sleep you've had.

6. Don't sleep on your books.

Forget drooling all over your economic principles homework or your humanities paper. Sleeping on school papers isn't even restful and the danger of paper-cuts to your soft, squishy eyeballs (likely still wet from crying) is all too real. Either get something done or go to bed. And on that note...

7. Get some coffee.

Tea and Mountain Dew are respectable choices as well at this point. It's the caffeine that counts right now. Soon you'll have enough caffeine running through your veins to power a turbine jet.

8. Whether you make it through kicking butt...

Three finals in one day? You can do it, no sweat! This is what you've been craming for all semester. For once, you'll be the one to turn that Scantron sheet in before anyone else.

9. ...Or getting your butt kicked.

More likely, though, it's gonna be a struggle against all power known to humankind (or college students, anyways). Don't fret, every knee will bow on the day of judgment when the semester grades come out.

10. Just don't give up!

Type like a maniac, speed read those books, and memorize those vocab terms... You've survived finals week before, you can do it again now.

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