12 Anna Kendrick Tweets That Are Extremely Relatable

12 Anna Kendrick Tweets That Are Extremely Relatable

'Twilight,' 'Pitch Perfect,' 'Into the Woods'... and so on.


Although Anna Kendrick is a versatile actress, and can be featured in dramas, thrillers and musicals, her sense of humor is what makes us love her. She is witty, sarcastic and comical. Here are some of her funniest tweets that we can all relate to or agree with.

1. It's the little things in life. She may have exaggerated a little bit in this tweet, but it's okay, we all have our Bear Grylls moment.

2. If you didn't think this exact thought while watching "Inside Out," you aren't human. I refuse to believe it. This is such a valid question.

3. I would be lying if I didn't wonder this myself.

4. To be honest, I think this is one question that can never be answered. This feeling never goes away. Thank you for mentioning it, Anna.

5. I'm glad Anna knows who she is. It's our job as humans to be the best version of ourselves. Anna's best self doesn't seem too bad.

6. Again, Anna's tweets resonate with normal, everyday people trying to act like they have all the answers. Don't judge.

7. Word... this is why nobody likes you. Leave us be when it comes to our weirdly-spelled names.

8. Anna's perspective of food is just like everybody else's. I don't think anyone enjoys sticking (or trying to stick) to a low-carb diet.

9. This is how we all feel after watching an intense episode of "Law and Order: SVU." Anna gets it.

10. Oh, how easy life would be. If only.

11. Just text me please. I only want to talk to you if I have to... or you're my mom. And actually, forget that. Don't text me either.

12. Although all of these tweets are relatable, it all comes down to this single tweet. This is how we all feel, in a nutshell. At least we know that celebs like Anna feel the same way.

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