We all have a personal preference when it comes to pets. Some people are cat people, some people are dog people and some people prefer feathers or scales over fur. Personally, I love all animals, but dogs hold a special place in my heart. The saying "dogs are a man's best friend" holds true, time and time again. If you are like me, and love dogs with all you've got, here are a few things that you'll relate to.

1. Every dog is adorable. Every last one.

Although our dogs are the cutest, you just can’t deny that every single dog is adorable. How can you not, when they have those little noses and puppy eyes?

2. You don’t get it when people say that they don’t like dogs.

What! How can you not like dogs? Have you ever met a dog? These people are immediately written off as insane.

3. When you see a dog in public, you MUST pet it.

“Excuse me ma’am, I know you’re busy but can I please touch your dog? I’ll be quick I swear” or something similar probably runs through your mind when someone walks by with a dog.

4. However much it pains you, you know you have to resist the urge to pet when you see a service dog.

The dog is doing a very important job, and you can’t distract them. No matter how cute they are in their little jackets.

5. You already have all of your future pets planned out.

“Yes, when I have an apartment I’ll rescue a pit bull… by the time I have a house I’ll have a nice enough yard for a golden retriever… I’ll adopt an elderly dog… maybe foster some here or there…”

6. All dogs are puppies.

All dogs are puppies. If someone tries to tell you that you’re wrong and that a dog is [age] old so not a puppy, stop talking to them.

7. You follow several Instagram pages dedicated to dogs.

I’m pretty sure that I follow at least eight just about corgis. It’s a great mood boost!

8. You might even have an Instagram just for your dog.

#DogsOfInstagram #InstaDog #PupsOfInstagram… you get the gist of it. I have a hashtag just for mine. No shame!

9. You don’t mind the dog hair.

It’s part of the authentic doggy experience. You may prefer a dog that doesn’t shed, but it won’t stop you from loving on a dog that does.

10. When your dog goes to your friend or sibling before they go to you, it’s personal.

Especially if it’s your dog. How could they betray you like this? However, if they come to you first, it’s grounds for bragging.

11. We like dogs more than we like humans.

When was the last time you heard of a dog being racist, sexist or homophobic? Never. Dogs don’t judge, they’re full of love for everyone.

12. Dogs are family.

You cannot imagine a life without dogs, and you don't want to try. You'd go to the ends of the earth for your dog, and love them like the family that they are.