12 Disney Princesses As Zodiac Signs
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1. Capricorn - Aurora

Like Aurora, Capricorn’s are responsible, patient, and disciplined. Aurora lived in the woods with her three fairy godmothers for the majority of her life, yet she never questioned any of it; because family is one of the most important things to a Capricorn. Under it all, you are a caring and loyal individual and a true friend.

2. Aquarius - Ariel

Aquarius’s are trendsetters; they can be sensitive, temperamental, energetic, and shy. One day you could be feeling trapped, like in the underwater kingdom of Atlantica, or just want to be part of another world. Not only, are you unique, but so are your friends (like a fish, crab, or bird, the diversity is truly endless).

3. Pisces - Snow White

Pisces have deeper connections with others, and can easily make friends. Just like Snow White, you don’t freak out seeing seven little men living together, instead, you befriend them and are the best friend they could ever have!

4. Aries - Jasmine

You are courageous, passionate, and full of energy, and what better fit than Princess Jasmine? You’re willing to take risk, maybe even have a tiger as a pet? Or, travel around the world on a magical carpet, with a boy you just recently met? Regardless of what you do, you do it flawlessly.

5. Taurus- Belle

Taurus’s appreciate the beauty in everything, even things most people would be taken back by (like a prince turned into beast), and are loyal to those they care about. Whether you are running away from crazy, egotistical boys that obsess over you, or falling for the unlikely hero, Taurus’s always have their friends back.

6. Gemini - Alice

Gemini’s are talkative, curios, and just want to have fun. Your restless energy keeps you moving, which is a good thing; because, you never know when you’re going to have escape a crazy, narcissistical ruler. That totally happens to the average Gemini (at least it did for Alice).

7. Cancer - Cinderella

You are imaginative, kind, and clearly alluring, I mean Cinderella danced with Prince Charming once and basically had him wrapped around her finger. You continue to surprise people and are continuously changing, (especially at the stroke of midnight). Once someone meets you, it is hard for them to forget.

8. Leo - Merida

Leo’s are basically fire, just like Merida. You are one of the most stubborn people out there (you won’t let boys shoot arrows to find out who can marry you, you shoot your own arrows), yet you are incredibly loyal to those you find important (even when your mom turns into a bear, and it is the weirdest thing you have ever seen, you still stick by her). No matter what, you always do what you believe most in and do it in the fiercest way.

9. Virgo - Tatiana

Virgos are, hardworking, caring, and most of all practical. No matter what (even when you get turned into a frog, which worked out pretty well for Tatiana, if you ask me, she managed to marry a prince after all), you manage to have an optimistic outlook on everything! You have a unique, kind beauty that shines through and draws people to you.

10. Libra - Mulan

Just like Mulan, you are smart and easygoing. When it comes to family you will do anything to protect them (even out your life in danger, go to war, save the world, and still manage to be beautiful). You know what you want and even when curve balls are thrown at you, you find a way to effortlessly conquer them.

11. Scorpio - Pocahontas

You are brave, passionate, and strong, just like Pocahontas. You are not one to give up on what you believe in. Like in Pocahontas’s case, even when her father disapproved of her relationship with John Smith, she still stayed with him; because, it is what she believed was right.

12. Sagittarius - Rapunzel

Sagittarius’s are playful, enthusiastic and love freedom. No better princess to represent this then Rapunzel. Being trapped in a tower for all your life, and then suddenly not, really brings out the explorative nature of a Sagittarius, just like it did to Rapunzel.

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