12 Chick Flicks for Your Next Girl's Night In
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12 Chick Flicks for Your Next Girl's Night In

There are so many under appreciated chick flicks to watch instead of playing "The Notebook" for the hundredth time.

12 Chick Flicks for Your Next Girl's Night In

No girl's night is complete without a chick flick or two, but the struggle is which one to watch. There are only so many times that you can pick "The Notebook" or "Clueless". Here is a list compiled of not-so-new, but still amazing, chick flicks to include in your next girl's night.

1. "Safe Haven"

Based on a Nicholas Sparks book, this movie follows Katie as she tries to run away from a troubled past and finds safety in the arms of single dad, Alex. It isn't too much of a tearjerker, but it really will make you want an Alex of your own.

2. "Pretty In Pink"

A classic from the 80's, when things were simpler and the biggest dilemma was which boy should take you to prom. Andie has to chose between her childhood friend Duckie and the guy of her dreams, Jack. It's definitely a comedy, only tears from laughter with this movie.

3. "Sixteen Candles"

What do you do when your whole family forgets your 16th birthday and your crush finally notices you on the same day? Sam has to figure all this out with the help of a school nerd. Another movie from the 80's that is just all laughs, no tears.

4. "Stuck in Love"

It follows the story of a family of authors: father, son, and daughter in their search for love. A divorced dad trying to win back the love of his life. College-aged daughter who doesn't believe in love, falling hard for the first time. High school son getting his crush with some wild behavior. There is a lot of ups and downs, it really tugs at the heart strings. It's also a must for all Logan Lerman and Natt Wolff fans.

5. "The Longest Ride"

Like most Nicholas Sparks' based movies, it follows two love stories, one present and one past. The past: Ira and Ruth's love struggle with being unable to have children. The present: Sophia and Luke making sacrifices to make their love work. An accident brings Ira to the couple and art keeps them together. It is a tearjerker for sure and will make you think about the definition of love.

6. "10 Things I Hate About You"

The new boy in school wants to date the most popular girl in school. But first, he needs to find someone to date her outcast older sister. It's laughs and betrayal. Heartache and love. It's from 2000, what is better than a early 2000's high school drama movie? Watch out for the class poem though, it still gets me to cry every time.

7. "John Tucker Must Die"

When the high school basketball star's three girlfriends find out about each other, they will do anything for revenge. Using the new girl as their perfect pawn, he gets to feel what it's like to truly fall in love but have it all come crumbling down as a lie. It's about friendship and funny revenge that will make any break-up girl's night perfect.

8. "Sydney White"

It's "Snow White," except that Snow White is actually a freshman in college who got denied from her dream sorority and takes up residence with seven nerds, and falls in love with the fraternity prince. It's a great comedy, and I know I appreciate it more now being in college than when I was 11 and it first came out. It's the fairytale every girl wants, but is not Disney friendly.

9. "The Other Woman"

Aimed toward an older audience but very similar to "John Tucker Must Die," it's about a wife who finds out her husband is cheating on her and teams up with two of his mistresses to take him down. Watch "John Tucker" first and you'll see that these girls pull a few of the same tricks. A little more mature and newer, but still equally as good.

10. "The Princess Diaries"

Every girl in the early 2000's watched this movie at least 100 times, but now that it's almost 15 years old, re-watching it an adult gives you a new appreciation for it. It was one of my mom's favorite movies to watch with me and now I know why. It was the perfect princess movie for all young girls longing to wear a crown but Mia's journey has a lot more emotion and heartache then we originally picked up on as young girls. There is also some hidden adult Disney humor in there that we can pick up on now for a few extra laughs. This is the perfect chick flick for a throwback girl's night.

11. "Crazy, Stupid, Love"

Now I'll be honest, I am biased toward anything with Ryan Gosling in it. Even if it's a political movie like "Ides of March," I will love it as long as he is in it. But this movie is witty, funny, and just the right balance of dramatic as it follows a newly divorced father who goes under the wing of a young bachelor to learn how to date again. It has Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, drama, comedy, and you may even shed a tear or two.

12. "If I Stay"

I am warning everyone now, you will cry within the first 30 to 40 minutes of the movie and maybe sooner. It is a drama with some very happy and moving moments but keep tissues close. It is a tearjerker and it follows Mia's relationship and her struggle for life. She has to choose, wake up an orphan or let go of life. It's romantic and sad, and perfect for a night were you need to just cry it out.

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