Family isn't always blood. Sometimes, you just get lucky and you find people who fit so well into your life, that they stay there forever. These are the people who you know will forever be by your side. These are your "days ones," your "ride or dies," your "persons." These are the people who enter your life one day and you can't imagine how you ever survived before them.

1. You introduce them as your brother/sister because "friend" just doesn't cut it anymore.

2. Your family treats them like one of their own.

3. You aren't afraid to be brutally honest with them.

4. You get extremely defensive when they introduce you to their "other friends".

5. You already have their wedding speech rehearsed.

6. You can't wait for them to have kids so you can be an "aunt" or "uncle".

7. You miss them as soon as they leave.

8. You call them at any hour of the night.

9. You constantly tell them how much they mean to you.

10. You're so close that people think you're dating.

11. You get extremely upset when they don't answer you.