Let's be honest, we're in a relationship with food. It's a serious, committed relationship. As a result, the only other relationship that we have to even consider is the one with our best friend. Those two relationships are surprisingly similar. I treat my friends like a treat my food, with respect.

Here are 11 ways that our relationship with our best friend is the same as our relationship with our one true love: food.

1. You anxiously await their arrival.

I also text these things to the pizza guy.

2. You hate to see them go.

You can keep scraping at that bowl but there's nothing left.

3. You have both numbers on speed dial.

They're both very important numbers.

4. You're possessive of both.

Prepare to fight if you try to intervene with my squad or touch my food.

5. They can never be too cheesy.

The best kinds of friends also come with pizza.

6. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Pizza bites are the bomb and so are short friends!

7. You have no boundaries with either of them.

Your friends have probably seen more of you than they want to and your food has unfortunately been on more of your clothes than you'd like to admit.

8. They're there for you at your worst moments.

Having a support system is key.

9. They're there for you at your best moments.

Food must be present at all celebrations.

10. They're there for you at every moment in between.

Sometimes you just have to take on the day with a slice of pizza and a shrug.

11. Your life is better with both of them in it!

Friends that eat corn together stay together.

The deal with friends and food is that more is always better. Life just isn't the same without either of them. That's why you, your best friend, and pizza are a trio that cannot be broken up.

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