11 Top Tips for Creating a Functional Home Office
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11 Top Tips for Creating a Functional Home Office

11 Top Tips for Creating a Functional Home Office

11 Top Tips for Creating a Functional Home Office

With COVID-19 continuing to be a concern, more people are moving to a home office to ensure a weekly paycheck. Many people have even found that they can be more productive when working out of their home and may wish to continue the practice after the pandemic is no longer a global worry. However, those who are just beginning to create a home office may wonder if there are tips to make it more functional.

1. Separate Your Living and Work Areas

One of the top tips to be productive in a home office is ensuring you have a separate space for it. This can be done in several different ways. Some people might have an extra room that can be used for work, while others may not. Those who need to create a separate space in a room that is already being used may choose to install a room divider or a home office partition.

When you choose glass partitions and dividers from Doors you can select from a range of sizes, a variety of glass styles, and several different designs. Some have silver frames; others have black frames. You can choose a single panel or many panels to ensure the space looks exactly the way you would like it.

2. Make Sure You Have a Comfy Chair

Once you have a space for work, having a comfortable chair is the next essential. Since you'll spend hours in the furniture, you want to be sure it doesn't leave your back aching at the end of the day. Think about arm support, fit, material, and whether you get a warranty with the chair you choose. You'll also want to consider your budget before you buy something that depletes your bank account.

3. Incorporate a Few Plants

Not only will a few plants add some color to your home office, but they can also reduce stress and increase happiness. One of the things to consider when selecting plants is how much upkeep they will need. We recommend choosing plants that are easy to keep alive and those that help with air quality. Some of the best choices include the ficus, spider plant, and Boston fern.

4. Check the Office Internet Speed

If you need to be connected to the Internet for work, as most of us do, you'll want to have high speeds so you can be productive. This might mean changing providers or installing a router to get the best speed. When your Internet is running slow, it can lead to distractions and make your workday even longer than usual. Having a router in the center of the home and high off the ground is the best choice.

5. Install Some Ambient Lighting

While you should try to take advantage of natural lighting, some people like to work late or live in areas where there isn't a lot of it. The best way to get around that problem is by installing some ambient lighting. Inexpensive rope lights can be placed near your desk in combination with a floor lamp to ensure you have plenty of light to do your work.

6. Tidy Up Regularly

When you're building a home office, there's a lot to consider. Your office hours, proper equipment, balancing time between family and work, and taking calls and handling tasks are all requirements. However, cleaning is also crucial since people find it harder to work around clutter. Make sure you clean all the surfaces and use sanitizer on your equipment as often as possible.

7. Consider Adding a Second Monitor

A top way to be productive when you work at home is by using a second monitor. Having a second screen makes many tasks more manageable, whether you're writing, coding, researching, or designing. It also makes it a whole lot easier to handle all the multi-tasking that your job requires. If you buy the same kind of monitor that you already have, you'll get the same experience with both.

8. Make Sure You Manage Wires

With a home office, there is going to be a lot of equipment, and most of it is going to have wires. It can be distracting to work in a space that is covered in cords and cables, so having a wire management system is a great idea. There are all sorts of specialty products out there to help you contain all the wires in an office, or you can go low-cost and use something as simple as zip ties.

9. Add in Some Personality and Style

Sure, having all the needed equipment is essential with a home office. However, it's also crucial to have some warmth and personality in your space. Great décor can not only make the office look better, but also make you more productive. Keep in mind that some colors are better for energy than others. The best are bright oranges, reds, and yellows.

10. Invest in a Separate Work Computer

One of the top reasons to have a specific computer for work is because you can set it up with only the programs you need to get your job done. This can get rid of all the extra distractions that might take up your time when you use the same computer for personal and work matters. Also, a computer for work can be claimed as a business expense on your taxes.

11. Keep Your Office Always Ready to Use

When your office is ready when you step inside, you have a better chance of getting down to work. This might mean making a to-do list, keeping the room clean, and having everything you need right at your desk. Most people are at their most productive when starting work for the day, so you want to take advantage of that in whatever way you can.

Getting Your Home Office Ready

At Doors22, we offer office partitions that are ideal for building a home office that you love to step into every day. When you're ready for a professional home office that is easy to maintain and use, we're here to help. All of our products come with a 10-year warranty, so you know you're getting the best quality possible.

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