Once upon a time there was a girl named Tinderella. After weeks of swiping, she eventually found her Prince Charming. He loved craft beer, sports, and was just in town for the weekend. Did they live happily ever after? Of course not.

Ladies, it's time to swipe left to Tinder.

1. Keep Up With Current Events

Watch the news! Keeping up with current events can help you join in a conversation with just about anybody. Plus the more you know, the more confident you are!

Pro-Tip: If you don't have time to watch the news, subscribe to theSkimm.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Do Things Alone

Have you ever wanted Chipotle so bad that it hurts, but all of your friends are too busy to go? Go by yourself! Don't be afraid to go see a movie, wander the city, or go for a walk in the park without your bestie (she will forgive you). There is nothing more attractive than an independent woman.

3. Throw A Party

Big game coming up? Host the viewing party! Everybody loves a good hostess. Let your friends invite their friends and grow your social circle!

4. Hit The Gym

Taking pride in your physical health will boost your confidence and help you de-stress. Healthy people are happy people! What better place to find your swole-mate?

5. Take The Initiative

It's time to turn your tassel and graduate from the high school rule, "girls don't text first." If you are interested in someone you should not be afraid to make the first move!

6. Throw Out Your List

Forget about your dream guy. Brown hair. 6'2". Blue eyes. Lawyer. Please stop doing this. If you overlook everyone you meet because he doesn't fit one of your criteria then you are going to pass up on a lot of great guys.

7. Say "Yes" More

Experience different things and explore new places! Go to the opening of that new bar uptown with your girlfriends. You'll thank yourself later. We all want to stay at home and watch Friends all night, but live in the moment. Netflix will still be there tomorrow.

8. Talk To Strangers

Time to ditch your mom's old "don't talk to strangers" rule. Sure, it's much easier to stand in the elevator and pretend that you're texting your friends. But why not actually have a conversation with the person standing next to you? Crazy idea- I know.

9. Actually Go To Those Events You RSVP To On Facebook

We're all guilty of this one. You're scrolling through your news feed and see a new local event pop up. You always RSVP yes, but do you ever really go? Grab your friends and actually go to that Zombie Bar Crawl or Food Truck Friday.

10. Love Yourself

Make yourself your number one priority. It's hard to love someone else when you don't really love yourself. Stop worrying about that new stretch mark you found or the freckles on your face that you just want to scratch off. Embrace your flaws and start focusing on the positive! Get to know yourself better and you might start to like who you see.

11. Don't Look So Hard

It's time to delete Tinder. Let's be honest, no great love story started with an online love affair. The truth is that you don't need to look for love around every corner. After all, the greatest things in life happen when you least expect it.