Before studying abroad, you think about all the details. Where you're going to go to school. Who you're going to live with. What you're going to bring. But surprisingly, there is a lot you forget while you're planning your trip.

1. Not everyone speaks english. Try to learn at least a little bit of the countries native language!

2. You're going to be walking ... a lot. So bring comfortable shoes and sneakers. You may even want to start working out a couple weeks in advance if where your going has a lot of hills/stairs. Trust me, those stairs will get ya.

3. Planning weekend excursions is not as quick and easy a process as you'd think. You have to decide on where you and your friends want to go, when you want to go, how you are going to get there, and where you will stay!

4. Your Maps app requires data/wifi so, you'll probably get lost! Don't worry though, sometimes getting lost is more fun than getting to where you intended on going!

5. This isn't just a semester long vacation, you actually have to go to class and do homework ...

6. Labels on food, clothes, drinks and other necessary items are mostly in a different language. If you have any allergies, beware!

7. Netflix, Hulu, Xfinity, etc. either doesn't have the same shows or just doesn't work. While this may seem like it sucks, it gives you more of a reason to go out and check out the town!

8. Some countries have quiet hours. Yes, quiet hours. Be respectful.

9. Your professor might have an accent that's difficult to understand. So do your best to listen carefully.

10. Air conditioning, dryers and dishwashers are not always at easy access.

11. You can never really prepare for how much money you're actually going to spend.

While you can't always have everything planned out, organized, and ready to go, my advice to you is be prepared for a culture shock. The time abroad is a time where you will learn so much about another country, and especially about yourself, but you must be ready and willing to accept and understand that!