1. Paying for the majority of the things you own.

Clothes, shoes, your phone, that fancy MacBook you got for Christmas? Yeah, thanks, fam.

2. Giving you a good old fashioned butt whoopin' when you needed it.

Because let's face it, we didn't always follow the rules, so we had to be put back in line every now and then. It wasn't fun at the time, but we're all better humans because of it (even if we don't want to admit it).

3. Being your own personal therapist.

Mom, what do I wear to the school dance? Why doesn't she like me? WHY DO I LIKE THIS BOY?? Moms are always the best at decoding text messages, telling us what we should do in certain situations and for telling us to run far far away from that boy. It's like having our own Dr. Phil, am I right?

4. Being your # 1 fans.

All of those games/competitions/events they went to, all of the recitals and practices and long hours, yeah parents had to endure that too. The best thing is, they paid for it all AND they sat front row and cheered you on every step of the way.

5. Being a shoulder to cry on (even if they're the ones that made you cry).

Sometimes moms and dads yell at us, but they do it because they love us. Sometimes they'll say "I told you so" or sometimes they'll just sit there and let us cry it out when that stupid boy breaks up with you over a three-sentence text message. Stupid boy.

6. Giving you advice, even if you didn't take it.

Along with being your therapist and listening to all of your middle and high school problems (and college, sorry mom), they even chipped in and offered a piece of advice for all of your "problems." They didn't have to do that, they could have just always let you learn the hard way without trying to help you first. They knew you weren't gonna listen, and they still decided to use their breath for you to turn around and do just the opposite. Send them thanks for all the breath they wasted that you wish you would've listened to!

7. Chauffeuring you around.

Cheer camps, competitions, games, and traveling to cheer on T.V. Mom and Dad... shout out to you for dealing with that, because I would have tapped out a long time ago, just saying (though I'm grateful you persevered).

8. Convincing you NOT to dye your hair that weird color that you thought you liked.

Seriously, you saved me from a lifetime of humiliation... how could I ever repay you for that? You guys rock.

9. Setting the standard on how your significant other should treat you.

From watching your parents around the house to remembering how your dad just swooned over you for most of your life so far, you have plenty of ideas about how you should be treated when you have a relationship of your own. Thanks for making my standards sky-high, you guys.

10. Teaching you to have patience.

They always say that kids teach parents to have patience.. but I think that applies both ways. Believe me, you don't know patience until you've tried to stay calm as your mom keeps calling your name once you're already in bed. Patience, people.

11. Loving you unconditionally and never letting you forget it.

No explanation needed. Thanks for the unconditional love, laughs, support and guidance- I love you guys more than anything on earth. Y'all rock!