11 Signs You've Found The Cristina To Your Meredith

11 Signs You've Found The Cristina To Your Meredith

They aren't just our best friend, they are your person.

1. They will come over when you're upset, even if you tell them no.

This one is one of my favorites. You're person knows when you're upset. You don't have to say one word and they can tell by the look in your eyes and the sadness in your face, or the texts you send that aren't the you you always are. Sometimes, they are even on a date, or in class and they leave immediately to come to you. You say no, but they come anyway. They know deep down you want them there, because no one ever wants to feel alone when they are upset.

2. Every guy you date, they date too. (You're a package deal.)

Just like Christina and Meredith snuggle with Derek and have sleepovers, so do you. You feel comfortable hopping right in the bed when they have their boyfriend over, and vice versa. Not only do they have to approve of this guy before you begin the dating process but if they break your heart, they will gladly break this guys face and more.

3. They aren't afraid to be honest with you.

Got food in your teeth? A booger hanging out? Your shirt is inside out? They will gladly point it out for you. Not only that, but they will stick their fingers in your teeth getting that spice out from between your gums or grab a napkin and wipe the tomato sauce from your cheek. You ask them if what you're wearing makes your butt look big? They will proudly say yes and help you change or they'll tell you that you like bomb AF.

4. You have your own language, even when you don’t say anything.

That hot guy walks by you while you guys are grabbing coffee and you give her that one look. She knows exactly what you’re saying. A guy starts hanging around her who is quite disgusting and weird, you give her the look and she gives it right back.

5. Sometimes people think you are dating each other.

And sometimes you go along with it. “You guys are so cute together! Awww.” At first, you stare at each other while holding their hand and then laugh till you pee and go along with it, cuz who cares right? If you had to be going lesbian for anyone it’s her, okay and maybe Jennifer Lawrence.

6. They hold your hair when you’ve had too much.

They hold your hair while you upchuck and even make sure you get safely to your bed. They bring a bucket and laugh with you while it happens. Then the next morning they proceed to tell you that it was absolutely hilarious because while this was happening you talked about how you texted three guys earlier saying you wanted them, or talked about how you are a princess and deserve more than what people have given you and they agree but also take care of you at the same time.

7. They believe in you more than anyone else.

Maybe the huge goal you have is to become famous but they support you and believe in you, even if it’s insanely far fetched. Ever since you were little they tell you they’ll be your backup dancer or makeup artist. They’ll beg you to send you your new songs so they can finally have new ones to sing in the shower and show their friends at school so they can brag about you more. They know every word to them. You change your goal and they believe in you too! “Nah, I wanna be a gynecologist now.”….For a second they stare at you because who the hell wants to do that and then they say, “Well hell yeah! Okay! You’ll be the best damn gyne out there!” Even if they think you’re crazy, they believe in you


8. Nothing is ever too personal.

You have some weird bump on your body and they check it out to make sure you aren’t dying of some weird disease. You ask them about their experience with guys because you’re curious and they tell you every little detail. Nothing is ever too personal for the two of you….nothing.

9. Someone hurts you, they are hurt too.

Your boyfriend breaks up with you? Uh Uh, hell no. Does he know what he just lost? They cry with you and snuggle with you until you know you deserve better. They are out and about and hear someone talk bad about you? Oh, HELL NO. They bring out their mean girl side and stick up for you, because no one else gets to call you the word she just said about you, only they can. No matter if it’s true or not! They are on your side, no matter what; always. Sometimes you aren’t even right and they are on your side.

10. You dance it out.

Somethings bothering you? You dance it out. Are you sad or angry? You dance it out. Does it start to rain while you’re outside drinking some wine? You dance it out. Your song comes on that, you both love? You dance it out and when you dance it out you both feel free of any worry you’ve had all day.

10. Their advice, is always the advice you need to hear.

Even if it's sometimes a little hard to hear, you know they will always tell you how it is. But they'll also tell you that everything will be okay. Their advice doesn't even remotely compare to others. Sometimes you just need them and their voice and words. You know that they will tell you the truth and you know that they will help you through anything, and it'll be the best help you'll receive. When you're losing it, it's them you need to talk you down or calm you down from losing it. You need them.

11. They aren't just your best friend, they are your person.

You know that they will always be there, even if you haven’t talked in a couple weeks. You can still be the same people you were last summer even if you haven’t been hanging out because of college or other things. You are two peas in a pod, and everyone in your life knows that. You have each others back, and always will. Always.

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Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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