11 Signs You’re Not Ready to Live on Your Own

11 Signs You’re Not Ready to Live on Your Own

Craving independence doesn't mean you're ready to live alone

If you’ve only ever lived with your parents, or maybe roommates in college, you might be starting to crave some independence. You think you’re ready to make that step and go out on your own. But are you really ready to be totally self-reliant? Here’s how to know you’re not ready to live on your own.

1. You’re Terrible With Money

If you’re constantly piling charges on your credit card or don’t actually know how much you spend, that’s not a good sign. You won’t have your parents or roommates to spot you if you need dough for something. Living alone comes with a lot of bills, and you have to be sure you’re financially ready and responsible enough to pay them in full and on time.

2. You Can’t Make an Appointment for Yourself

You’re going to have a hard time being independent if you still have to beg Mom to schedule a dentist appointment.

3. You Don’t Know How to Cook Basic Foods

You can’t survive forever on Chinese takeout and pizza delivery. Plus, that’s not healthy at all! You’ll have to learn how to cook at least the basics before you get your own place. There’s no school cafeteria in an apartment and you might not have the extra money to eat out all the time.

4. You Don’t Clean Up After Yourself

There are some surprisingly gross things in a typical household that you might not expect. If you can’t even keep the clothes off your floor, how do you plan to clean multiple rooms by yourself?

5. You Don’t Understand Energy Efficiency

You might not think this is especially important, but knowing how to be energy-efficient can save you a lot of money. Simple things like LED light bulbs, knowing when to open and close your curtains and adjusting the thermostat properly can save a lot, especially during winter. You have to care about things like that in order to save the maximum amount of money possible.

6. You Have an Impulse-Buying Problem

If you’re constantly buying little things you decide you want, it adds up. You should save that money for things you need, like groceries and car payments. You don’t need another random pair of headphones you’ll never use.

7. You Don’t Know How to Use Basic Tools

You’ll have to handle things like a hammer, screwdriver and plunger if you’re going to be on your own. Little things aren’t going to be fixed by your landlord. It’s up to you.

8. You Rely on Your Parents for Everything

They aren’t going to be there for every little thing you need. If you still rely on them for money, cooking and other things, you’re going to be in bad shape. If you’re helpless enough that you can’t even pick out your own clothes — or something else of that caliber — you’re really going to be in trouble.

9. You Panic About Everything

If something breaks in your apartment or you start burning something while you’re cooking, you need to stay calm. You aren’t going to get anything done by yelling and running around. If that’s your go-to option, you aren’t ready to be by yourself.

10. Your Parents Don’t Trust You With Anything Big

If they can’t trust you to stay alone by yourself or babysit younger siblings, they’re sending you a message. Maybe they think you’ll throw a huge party or you’ll forget to feed your baby brother. Regardless, the message is you aren’t trustworthy for the things that matter — and that means you’re not ready to run a household of your own.

11. You Can’t Even Think About Leaving Home

You might not even think about being away from your parents. You might have even gone to a commuter school so you could stay at home with them. If you instantly freak out at the thought of being separated, you’re definitely not ready. Separation anxiety is serious.

Do you think you’re ready to live alone after reading this? Make sure you really evaluate yourself and your actions. You don’t want to rush into a decision you’ll come to regret.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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