11 Signs You Have Found Mr. Right
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11 Signs You Have Found Mr. Right

The next day, he'll say "New phone, who dis?" True love.

11 Signs You Have Found Mr. Right

For centuries, the question that has tortured every girls mind is "is he into me?"
We all know there is nothing more important to us women than knowing the guy we're with is the one. I can assure you that these are criteria that separate the average slob-kabob from the guy you can bring home to your father. Consider this your personal checklist for knowing if you should hitch him or ditch him.
After all, that is what we're in college for...

1. You met him at a college party...
and he offered you romantic gifts. "Wanna beer?" "Tryna smoke?" "Need somewhere to sleep tonight?" Trust me, few guys out there are so sweet as to want to help get you to bed when you live 5 minutes away walking distance. Even if he needs to sacrifice the couch in the next room solely for your comfort! #Blessed

2. The next morning he helps you find your clothes
Not only does he help, but he rushes to get you all of your essentials. How nice that he knows you have somewhere to be so early in the morning that he would put in the effort to get you out of his room in a timely fashion?

3. Lose a sock? Take his!
There is always that one article of clothing that gets away, but luckily Prince Charming has something for you. The best is when you get his hoodie that is sponsoring his high school football team, and he doesn't even want you to bring it back the next day!
Or ever...

4. He plays hard to get
He didn't give you his number, but it's a small campus. So you knowhe knows you have mutual friends. When you ask about ever getting him his hoodie back, he waits a few hours for some suspense. The next day, he'll say "New phone, who dis?" Already, he's trying to tell you this is going to be a relationship built on surprise and humor. So much love, so soon.

5. He outshines his friends completely
His friends always sit around and talk about the girls they play or the classes they're flunking. They're obviously irresponsible and don't treat girls very well... Even though he is sitting with them laughing and agreeing, you know it is all for show. There is no way that someone of his caliber could ever be friends with anyone else; he would put his values aside for the people he cares about. So kind.

6. He is SO smart
Okay, so he did not know what platonic means, but what guy does? It's obviously up to us to teach them! He actually never really says anything intellectual... but he's majoring in science. He's practically Bill Nye.
...Or is it business?

7. He tells everyone about you
What else could he be saying to those girls at the other side of the party? He is definitely just asking them for advice because girls get girls. He is only whispering in their ear because he doesn't want you to feel exploited... and they are only giggling because we all know how cute it is when guys are clueless. *Sigh*

8. He gives you nick names
I mean he obviously knows your name is Carly, but he can just tell that you are so a Kelly. It is like he saw into your soul and found your true self. Now you find yourself writing it on top of all of your worksheets and essays. Kelly has become your essence, and you can thank him for it completely.

9. He leaves you gifts in his room
Did you ever walk in and see your lost sock? He found it just for you. We know it. It definitely couldn't have just shown up- socks don't do that. He went to the depths of the mess under his bed just to find it for you. I can't even continue typing, I'm starting to tear up...

"Well, baby, I went down and got it for ya!" *swoon*

10. He is always willing to share alcohol
There he is. He grabbed your arm. He guides you to the wall for a dance. He pushes your hair to the side and asks, "Do you got any beer?" He's so silly... Of COURSE you have beer the party is in your house! What is yours is his, and what is his is yours. One day he'll offer you some alcohol again- he's just trying to give you a little lead because he's progressive like that.

11. He gets so mad when you talk to other boys
He may be chatting with those other girls, but we know his intentions are solid. You, on the other hand, should have one intention only: His place. 2:00 am sharp when Reimert closes. If you are caught with another boy before that time, you better hope he can forgive you because this relationship is one of trust. His values are so important, that it could be hard for him to put them aside for any lollygagging on your part.

Basically, us girls are so lucky that college has given us so many of these boys, along with the opportunity to find the "one". Just make sure they fit all of these qualifications, and I think you'll hear the wedding bells immediately.

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