11 Signs You Don't Fit In With Society
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11 Signs You Don't Fit In With Society

You are an awakened soul.

11 Signs You Don't Fit In With Society

You may realize that you never really fit in with your generation. When everyone else was on the "next biggest thing" you were always uninterested. You never went with the flow instead you marched to your own beat. Perhaps when you were younger everyone teased you for it. Maybe they didn't understand you. Being different is nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, standing out is something to be appreciated. It is the differences that make us who we are.

1. You have no interest in partying.

You have never been one to party. If you have, it was like torture. The thought of people gathered in one place and small talk makes your stomach turn. You find parties awkward and unpleasant. In fact, you would do anything to avoid going to one.

2. You do not dress like everyone else.

You have never been one to buy the latest trends. Your closet has always been filled with unique pieces that only you could come up with. It may be your favorite band t-shirt and a skirt or maybe something totally out there. You are not willing to buy something just because of everyone else. When everyone ran to the store to grab a pair of Chacos, you did not bat an eye. In fact, if someone has the same thing as you have it may just make you cringe!

3. You almost can never relate.

If you can never relate to what people in your generation are saying. All the slang words and phrases never stuck with you. In a conversation, you may find yourself confused when people use words that you aren't familiar with like "fam" or "it's lit." Instead, you have your own quirky slang words that you use.

4. You find interest in things others won't.

You have always found an interest in things that others have not been able to. You're favorite things consist of a combination of things that only you would like. Very few people are able to understand your deep interest.

5. You are very outspoken.

You find it very hard to hold your tongue on matters. You don't fit in with the crowd, so you can't sit back and agree with a matter you don't believe in. You have an independent mind. You state your opinions loud and clear.

6. You're considered a loner.

You are considered a loner and the truth is that you truly do not mind. You find that being alone is best because no one understands you better than yourself. It's just easier that way!

7. You embrace your weirdness.

You know that you stand out and you're quite proud of it. You embrace your differences and help others understand its ok to not fit into the norm.

8. You cherish your friendships.

You really cherish your friendships. This is not to say that everyone else does not do the same but you do for sure. You understand everyone's differences and you allow that to turn into an amazing friendship. You totally get your friends' weirdness because you are too!

9. You enjoy a good conversation.

A great conversation about deep topics such as astrophysics and conspiracy theories sounds perfect to you. You enjoy people who go deeper than the surface.

10. Some of your friends are older people.

You most likely have a few friends who are older. You're maturity and understanding attitude has allowed you to create a bond with them.

11. You see the world clearly.

The main reason you do not fit in is that you see the world for what it is. You see the good and the bad. You would rather stand out and make a difference than blend in.

You do not fit in and you are okay with it. You would much rather be yourself and stand out amongst the crowd. You are a great friend, an empath, a trendsetter, and an intelligent human being. Your uniqueness is a blessing. We need more of it in our world.

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