As a college student, I know the value of a good nap. Long or short, bed or floor, there is no activity that I love quite as much. I know there are people out there who "can't take naps" or "can't find time," and I feel for them, but can't relate. I consider myself to be a chronic napper, and you may be one too if...

1. You've left social gatherings in hopes of squeezing in a much-needed nap.

Social time is draining! Parties, dates, and classes just can't replace a good lie down. I've skipped many classes in search of a perfect nap. Even writing this has made me a bit tired.

2. You can sleep anywhere. ANYWHERE.

Public transportation, class, a slab of wood: you name it, I've probably slept there. I once slept through a 45-minute car ride with Nicki Minaj on full blast. I could probably be an Olympic sleeper. (This should really be a thing... Obama?)

3. When people ask what your interests are...

I like sleeping in, taking naps, and going to bed early. What do you mean those don't count as hobbies?

4. Taking more than one nap a day is not unusual for you.

Naps are little gifts that keep on giving. It's all about quality and quantity. Have no shame in tucking in for a second—or fifth— nap.

5. You know that any amount of time, no matter how small, is enough for a nap.

If there's time to close your eyes, then there's time for a nap. We've all hit the snooze button to sleep for three more minutes in the morning. Naps are no different. You know how inspirational speakers urge you not to waste a single moment? This is what they're referring to.

6. Waking up early is never okay...

And honestly? Any time before noon qualifies as too early. (Here's looking at you, 8 AMs.)

7. And leaves you counting down until your next nap.

We've all sat at work or in class, waiting for the moment when we can head home to the sanctuary that is our bed.

8. When someone proposes activity in the middle of a nap opportunity, you have to decline.

There are only so many nap-portunities in the day. Don't deprive me. Nappy place = Happy place.

9. You hate when people call you lazy.

They're just mad they aren't napping. Nap jealously is real, people! Friends let friends nap. Scratch that, friends nap together.

10. Your bed is your best friend.

Leaving it behind for college, vacation, or work is unbearable. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to that fluffy, warm heaven after a long shift at work, an awful exam, or forced socialization.

11. Most importantly... naps make you happier than anything out there, and you wake up feeling like a million bucks.

Never let anyone ever dull your (post-nap) sparkle. In the words of Dr. Seuss, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it nappened."