11 Signs That You're a *Real* Adult

"I can't adult today." Admit it: you've said this in the last week. Because paying bills, going to work every day, and doing your own grocery shopping, lost its romance a looooong time ago. But hey, congratulations — if you identify with even one of these points, you're well on your way to becoming the "real" adult you couldn't wait to be.

Let's do this.

1. You buy vegetables when you're grocery shopping

You also grab a bottle of wine. Because it's made from grapes. And grapes are fruit.

2. You have a membership to the local warehouse store so you can stock up on toilet paper

Bonus points if you remembered to make a list....just kidding, I've got something better — have a puppy gif:

3. You purchase a home security system so that you can spy on your dog when you're away

You are so adult because you also know that home security systems can lower insurance costs, and you care about that stuff now.

4. You slather sunblock over your exposed skin before going outside

...and offer some to anyone around. Skin cancer’s no joke!

5. You feel like you have earned an advanced degree in fitting dishes into your dishwasher perfectly

Who knew that playing Tetris and Jenga in your younger years would be more useful than a college degree?

6. You designate the same days of the week as laundry days

And once the clothes are washed, they get folded. And if you feel like really getting crazy, you might actually break out the iron. But you don't fold underwear. That's weird.

7. You have a subscription to a pre-portioned ready to cook meal delivery service

You even hold dinner parties from time to time. You also use wine in your cooking! The wine is actually good and in bottles, not from boxes, which you used to drink before you were an adult.

8. You found out that Google’s employees have access to nap pods, and you’re seriously considering passing around a petition at work to get some

If you ever run into preschool you, that kid is in big trouble.

Confession: I just wanted an excuse to use this bat gif. #socuteimgonnadie

9. You floss your teeth, make your own dentist appointments, and even schedule appointments in advance

What is wrong with you?

10. You have a vitamin container for the vitamins that you take (purchased from the abovementioned warehouse store)

They’re not chewables, either. Just kidding they're actually gummies.

11. You don't eat junk food before bed because it upsets your stomach and you don’t sleep well

Yet, sometimes, you have that leftover cake and damn the consequences!

You got this.

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