11 Signs You're So Ready For Spring Break

Are you at that point in the semester where you really just don't think you can carry on? Well join the club! Here are 11 signs you NEED spring break to get here ASAP:

1. You have about 5 exams and 15 assignments due in the next week and you're drowning

2. Your professors are being completely ruthless

3. The air hurts your face on your walk to class

4. You start to cry a little every time your 8:00am alarm goes off

5. Your skin is so pale it reflects the light

6. Even the smallest things are starting to tick you off

7. You're having withdrawals from your home friends

8. You're not sure how many more nights you can spend in your tiny twin-size bed

9. You've absolutely given up on your appearance for class; sweatshirt and leggings every day

10. The thought of another dining hall meal makes you physically nauseous

11. The only thing on your mind is sunshine and good times

Hang in there, people! Only one more week!

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