You've been told it for years, "wow, you are definitely your father's daughter!" But what exactly does that entail? Definitely puns -- LOTS of puns -- but also a lot of shared character traits, hobbies and interests!

Though it's different for every father and daughter pairing, here are some universal signs that you and your dad are, well, pretty much the same person:

1. You share the same sense of humor.

You've laughed at (or made) every lame "dad joke" in the books.

2. You catch yourself saying things he would say all the time.

"I know I've heard that before. Wait a second..."

3. You get virtually any "old" movie or TV show reference.

Someone throws their hands in the air and yells "Kahn!"? "Star Trek." Someone holds their shoe up to their ear? "Get Smart." Someone says they need a bigger boat? "Jaws." You've seen them all. And, though you would never admit this to your dad, you actually like them.

4. And speaking of old, you can rock out to the classics like no other.

5. That and those cheesy '80s hits.

Let's be real; you totally jam out to songs like "Come on Eileen" and "Hungry Like the Wolf." You probs even have an '80s playlist on Spotify (I won't tell...I have one too).

6. You'll never need to call a handyperson.

Because you've mastered every skill there is! Or at least you know to look it up on Youtube and attempt to figure it out from there.

7. You have similar fashion senses.

Socks with sandals? Heck yes. Thankfully, this is a trend on many college campuses, so at least you can get away with it (sorry, Dad).

8. People say you look like each other all the time.

9. You have very similar personalities (and mannerisms).

Family members constantly comment on how much you two are alike. You (frighteningly) notice it more and more as you get older.

10. You both have mastered the art of grilling.

You know nothings better than cracking a cold one and grilling out some delicious food.

11. You are thankful to share so much in common with someone so great.