5 Signs You're Turning Into Your Dad

Let me start out by saying that no two Dads are alike. They're unique in their own fatherly ways. However, there are certain "Dad-isms" -- like seeing you in a pair of purposely ripped jeans and saying, "Hey, you have a hole in your pants" -- that many of us can recall our Dad using at some point.

If you're like me, and enjoy spending quality time with your father, you may notice his clever quips and Dad-like habits beginning to rub off on you. Here are five signs you're turning into your Dad.

1. Trips to Home Depot are growing more exciting to you, and you're becoming an expert on where the different departments are located.

And if any employee dares to ask if you and your Dad need help, you go full Ron Swanson on them.

2. You're getting quicker with puns and funny comebacks.

Dads are the kings of silly one-liners. "You're hungry? Hi hungry, I'm Dad!"

3. People come to you to get stuff fixed.

All those trips to Home Depot are coming back to haunt you.

4. You're expanding your musical horizons, and you enjoy artists not typically appreciated by people your age.

A little Johnny Cash is refreshing when the radio seems to only be interested in "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes.

5. You wake up earlier on weekends, because you can't be productive if you're sleeping in!

Dads love getting stuff done on the weekends.

In conclusion, Dads rock. The habits they rub off on us make us cooler people, however corny the jokes may be.

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