We all love our moms. We look to them for help and guidance through life's biggest and smallest challenges. We don't see them nearly as much as we need to, and when we do finally see them, we never want to leave them. We wish that we could pack them in our oversized duffle bags and take them back to college with us.

Being away at school is stressful for all of us. We are starting our journeys of becoming independent adults. We have a full day of classes, work jobs, participate in clubs, make friends and sometimes it all seems like too much to handle. Sometimes we forget that we have someone at home who is waiting for us to call and tell them about our crazy day. Sometimes we forget about Mom. But here are 11 reasons she will alway be your best friend, no matter what.

1. She's been there since day one.

This is the woman who carried you inside her for about nine months and fed you for 18 years, and then you decide you're going away to school and leaving her behind. Yet she still loves you.

2. She's seen you at your worst.

From bad hair day to bad breakups, she's seen you physically, mentally and emotionally messy and tried everything she could to fix you up.

3. She gave you everything she never had.

Have you ever heard stories from when she was young about how she played with sticks and didn't have nearly as much as you do now? You just got the brand new iPhone and your mom is wearing the same jeans she had since her junior year of high school. But she doesn't mind because she loves you.

4. She's the first phone call you make when you do something good.

You got an A on your chemistry test. You saved $25 at the grocery store today. You got the interview. No matter how grand the achievement my be, Mom is the first who needs to know about it.

5. Your biggest goal is to make her proud.

Everything you do, you're doing it for her. She probably hates when you admit that, but the grades you get, the effort you put into all of your work and your independence, it's all for her to show her that she did a great job as a mom.

6. She supports your decisions no matter what.

Even when you make that spur-of-the-moment decision to shave half of your head, eat gas station sushi or try your hand at the latest makeup trend, she's right behind you.

7. She can sense when you're in trouble.

It seems like mom always calls you at the worst times, like when you just tripped down the stairs, spilled your coffee all over your jeans and are now running to catch the bus for class.

8. She always has your back.

Once you tell your mom that someone's done something wrong to you, it's going to take a handwritten apology, a bouquet of flowers and a lifetime of repenting for Mom to ever trust them again.

9. She's always checking up on you.

Even after you tell her for the fifth time this week that you're OK and you don't need anything, she has to call at least "one last time" to make sure.

10. She gets overemotional about everything.

She's either crying because she's happy, upset, angry or just that proud of you -- it's up to you to figure out the reason.

11. She always puts you first.

She loves you more than she loves herself, and that kind of selfless love is what makes her your number one.