11 Reasons Why Hamden, Connecticut Will Always Be My Home
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11 Reasons Why Hamden, Connecticut Will Always Be My Home

It's a Hamden thing, you wouldn't get it.

11 Reasons Why Hamden, Connecticut Will Always Be My Home
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From living in the same house on the same little street in the same town for 18 years, I think it's safe to say that Hamden, Connecticut will always have a special place in my heart (If you don't know where Hamden is, it's in the New Haven area). As much as I longed to escape that town someday, I must admit that I never realized how many things I would miss about it until my freshman year of college. All of the cool hang out spots and great places to grab a bite are definitely some of the reasons why Hamden is unique.

1. Sleeping Giant State Park

Whenever you're in the mood to appreciate nature and get outside, there's nothing better than hiking up this mountain to reach the castle on a warm day. Apparently, there are only two mountains that look like a "sleeping giant" in the world, and the other is in Hawaii.

2. Ray and Mikes Deli

Every time I come back home I feel like I owe it to Hamden to stop at this small deli and pick up one of the best subs you will ever experience for the price. I can't believe I tried it for the first time in high school... boy was I missing out. This place is awesome because their specialty menu is quite original; my absolute fave would have to be the "Irresistible"- steak and cheese with a buffalo chicken cutlet.

3. The "Field of Dreams"

This majestic field that you might only ever see again in movies is quite hidden, but after following a small path in the woods I promise you it is worth it. Just the view of the hills, lake, and occasional deer will make you feel bad about not taking better care of this Earth. Unfortunately, the famous tree (which I have never had the chance to see) had to be cut down for environmental reasons (thanks Hamden), and there was a fire a while back so the field is no longer green. Even though I've never seen it at its peak I still enjoy chilling at the beloved stump where people have left messages.

4. The Annual Fireworks on the Green

The Hamden Town Fireworks are probably one of my favorite parts about summer here and I look forward to it every year. Hundreds of people lay out their blankets and lawn chairs at the green to enjoy live music and food trucks as they anticipate the show. I can sometimes even hear it from my house.

5. Having the plaza next to high school

Despite the hectic parking and traffic, having the plaza next to my high school was the most convenient thing. Being able to not have to drive to work after school trying to make it on time was a plus, along with being able to get lunch or coffee with friends. I'm pretty sure everyone at that school was late in the mornings at least once because of waiting in the line at Starbucks or Panera. However, the downside would have to be the student parking feeling like 10 miles away.

6. Within the span of driving for 10 minutes in Hamden, you can go from feeling like this:

to this:

You can literally feel like you're driving in the New England countryside at one moment, but don't get too relaxed, because then you'll see cars from New York (sorry New Yorkers, Go Jets) cut you off in the middle of Dixwell Ave during rush hour. Not fun. On the other hand, going from traffic to trees is quite relaxing.

7. The Dog Park

Hey, dogs need friends too. It's nice to bring your doggo out every once and a while to "socialize". Honestly, I just go to see the other dogs.

8. The Bobcats

Let me get one thing straight: I am forever a Friar, always will be. Although, it's pretty darn cool when your town (that nobody knows about) can be somewhat represented by a hockey team that's top 20 in the nation, especially since you grew up going to their games. And no, not everyone from Hamden applies to QU.

9. Glenwood and Kelly's Kone Konnection

These places are just classic, overall. You can stop at Glenwood and get a very New England-vibed fried seafood platter and then walk right over to the yellow tent and get the best ice cream in town. This place has been around for forever; I even remember when my grandparents took me there as a kid and they were allowed to smoke inside! Some change like that is good, however.

10. Paradise

Everyone who grew up in Hamden has been here on an end-of-the-year field trip at least once. This little country club has two pools, a lake, tennis courts, etc. While I've never been a member, tagging along with friends as a kid was always fun. This place is a great way to locally spend your summers since the beach isn't very close.

11. Brooksvale Park

This pretty little park is full with seasonal activities such as sledding on the big hill, maple-sugaring, animals, and a fall festival. Another famous field trip spot for Hamden students.

Thank you, Hamden, for being my home. I don't think anyone says it enough.

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