11 Times And Reasons For Auburn Students To Say 'War Eagle'

It seems like Auburn fans are saying "War Eagle!" all the time, but it isn't always at athletic events. Here's why.

1. When you see someone wearing Auburn apparel outside of Auburn.


If you're outside of the Auburn area or Alabama in general, it's somewhat rare to see someone wearing Auburn apparel. When I do see someone, I always make sure to give them a big smile and a loud "war eagle". The worst is when people don't say it back. Save us both the awkwardness and embarrassment and just say it back.

2. Auburn football games

I know I said it wasn't always at football games, but I feel like this is a valid reason. There is no better time than an Auburn touchdown or a kickoff to say War Eagle. It is what we're known for, after all.

3. Hello, goodbye, and thank you

War Eagle for us is more than just a phrase. It's hello, goodbye, thank you, you're welcome, etc. I guess it's kinda like aloha in Hawaii, but in Alabama. When I see my friends from Auburn, I never hesitate to give them a big hug and a War Eagle to go with it. When someone goes out of their way for me, they always receive a War Eagle in return.

4. It's a sign of lifelong friends and family.

When people talk about how strong the Auburn family is, they're not kidding. While there are around 30,000 students at Auburn, the campus truly does not feel that big. We are one family, and the friends you have at Auburn will be your friends forever. By saying War Eagle, we know that we are family.

5. When something good happens.

When a class gets canceled, you ace a test, or you get an extra nugget at Chick Fil A, it is definitely a reason to say War Eagle. We celebrate our personal wins (and Auburn's wins for that matter) with a War Eagle.

6. When something bad happens.


When you fail a test, mess up that chemistry experiment, or forget to study for that big calculus test, the simple phrase "War Eagle to that," might make you feel a little better. If not, just remember that your Auburn friends and family will be there to comfort you after it's all over and done.

7. When you get free nachos at Momma Goldberg's.

Almost every Auburn student knows that while Momma Goldberg's deli may not be the best food in the city, it's definitely an Auburn tradition. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity for the free Momma's nachos, it's always necessary to say War Eagle while eating them.

8. During "Dixieland Delight."

Any Auburn fan knows that "Dixieland Delight" by Alabama just isn't complete without a War Eagle somewhere in it. We always make sure to fit it in after singing "parked in a holler 'neath the mountain moonlight." The song simply isn't complete without it.

9. When Aubie shows up to literally anything.


OK, so if you haven't met Aubie in person, this is definitely a bucket list item. Aubie is the mascot of all mascots and no one will ever compare to Aubie, so it is certainly a reason to say War Eagle. The mascot's various costumes, such as a chef, a painter, and a carrot (yes, I said a carrot), deserve a War Eagle as well.

10. When there's 1 second on the clock...

Let's face it, the kick six was probably one of the best plays in college football history, and any Auburn fan would tell you that. Not only was it an amazing play, it led to Auburn beating Alabama in the Iron Bowl, which is ALWAYS a reason to not only say, but YELL War Eagle.

11. It just means more.

Saying War Eagle just means more. It means you're a member of the Auburn family. You uphold the values of the university stated in the Auburn Creed, and hold all the Auburn traditions near and dear to your heart. To put it simply, you believe in Auburn, and love it!

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