11 Reasons To Not Live At Campus Evolution Villages Tuscaloosa
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Student Life

11 Reasons To Not Live At Campus Evolution Villages Tuscaloosa

Save yourself, your time and your money.

11 Reasons To Not Live At Campus Evolution Villages Tuscaloosa
Caitlin Love

1. Management is no help

It doesn’t matter what your problem is, no one cares to help.

2. The pools are always packed out and dirty

8 pools... More like 2. The “amenities” that they brag about are either closed or too dirty to use.

3. We had mold all in our carpet

We had to BEG for weeks for someone to come get the mold out of our carpet before anyone showed any interest in our problem.

4. The drains never work

My bathtub doesn’t drain fast and I’ve given up on the thought that it might ever drain right.

5. There are bugs... everywhere

We had roaches at one point, then gnats. We begged for the pest control to come and “they sent them” on a day my roommate and I stayed home. No bug man ever darkened our doorway. Needless to say, we became self-taught pest controllers.

6. The property is almost always trashed

Every day when we walk out we almost always find a new bag of garbage that has been abandoned or a pile of loose trash being blown all around by the breeze.

7. Parking is a nightmare

There are so many apartments in the complex that if people have guest over or a party of some sort finding parking becomes a treasure hunt.

8. The staff once came in our apartment without notification or explanation

One day my roommate and I were both gone to a summer class and my younger sister had been staying with us for a few days and she called me and told me someone was in the apartment. By the time I got back they had left but when she asked them what they needed they just looked at her and left.

9. Pointless fees

Once I paid my rent through the resident portal online and got a receipt saying my payment had gone through. 2 weeks later I got an email saying I owed nearly $900 in rent and late fees. It was only resolved after I refused to leave the office until someone helped get the fees taken off my account.

10. Noisy neighbors

There is no “quiet time” at this place. Cars come blaring music through the parking lot at all hours and people are outside all night. We can hear our neighbors bird whistling and talking back to them all the time.

11. Shootings

Yup, shootings. The complex had an incident a few months ago in my building where two people ended up shooting at each other. When we called the next morning to ask the office staff what had happened they told me they didn’t know and then laughed at me when I asked if my roommate and I were safe. (I have the phone call recorded just to prove how terrible their customer service is).

If I can save anyone the trouble of living here, I will. By the time this goes live my roommate and I have moved to a different apartment complex, thank goodness. Save yourself the time, money, and stress and don’t live at CEV Tuscaloosa.

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