Disney movies. We all know and love them. You typically hear about the princess movies: "Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," "Beauty and the Beast," etc. They all have the same basic plot: princess saved by her prince charming. But the one movie that doesn’t seem to be talked about is "Mulan," a refreshing change from the typical princess Disney movie. I think "Mulan" is the best Disney movie and here’s why:

1. It challenges the conventional idea that a man has to be the hero.

Mulan saves Shang not once, but TWICE

2. It has strong family values.

Even though part of Mulan goes to war for herself, a big part of her decided to go to war to save her father’s life

3. Mulan is a badass.

What other Disney girl goes off to fight in a war?

4. The movie has a strong feminist message.

Mulan isn’t a princess, she doesn’t need saving. She goes to war to save her father even though she knows she could be killed for being a woman. But she proves to be one of the best soldiers and is dubbed the hero of China.

5. Mulan is true to herself.

She tries to find her place and figure out who she is, even if it means challenging traditional Chinese values.

6. She doesn’t always need to look perfect like other Disney girls.

She actually looks like a normal person when she wakes up and likes to eat.

7. It has the best Disney soundtrack ever.

“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is a bop.

8. While it has its very serious moments, it also has its funny ones.

Mushu is one of the best Disney sidekicks.

9. The movie may not be historically accurate, but it’s a refreshing break from other Disney movies set in Western cultures.

No castles, no princesses.

10. It hits you in the feels, and not because of a love story.

The scene where Mulan returns home to her family makes me sob every time.

11. The plot itself is far more interesting than generic princess movies.

No princess trying to impress a prince, no princes trying to save his princess. Just a total badass trying to save China from an invasion.