We all have the things and people that we think we need. Whether it is an object, a significant other for the time being, or those friends that we think we will last forever. When these temporary things are gone, we have our family to fall back on.

1. Family will always be there.

When our hearts are broken or we need someone to talk to, our families are always one call away and they will never leave.

2. They know us better than anyone else.

Family members are the ones to watch us grow and change, so they are the only ones to know us for who we really are, and love us anyway.

3. Forever friends.

Our family will always be the people that we can tell anything to. We can cry to them or laugh with them until our stomach hurts. We have friendship within our blood.

4. We have people to make memories with

On the holidays, birthday celebrations, etc., we have family to spend these special times with, making memories that will last forever.

5. Blood is thicker than water

No matter who enters our lives, family runs through our blood, putting them above anyone else.

6. Laugh until we cry

With our family, we can laugh until we cry over the silliest or most embarrassing moments that only they know about.

7. Moral Support

For any big milestone, celebration, or even the smallest thing, our family members are always right behind us for support.

8. They stay with us wherever we may go

No matter where life takes us, our family stays in our hearts forever.

9. Shoulder to lean on

When things get too tough and we need a shoulder to lean on, family is always there.

10. They love us no matter what

No matter what mistakes we make, poor judgments that are made, or how many times screw up, family is the people that will love us no matter what.

11. We carry on

After this lifetime, we are carried on through our families, whether its by genetics, ancestory, or even just our memories. Family allows us to stay alive.