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11 Autumny Things You're Already Obsessing Over 2-3 Months Out, If Fall Is Your Favorite Season

There's something special about all four seasons, but fall just has an undeniable happiness


I truly believe that each season of the year is its own special kind of magic, there are multiple good things to be said about each season, but there is something extra special about fall, and you known this to be true if fall is your favorite season...

1. Fall-inspired flavors

Apples, pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon... All of these flavors make everything so warm and cozy! It's almost impossible to resist a hot apple cider with a slice of pumpkin bread!

2. The colors

Within the season of fall, everything becomes so colorful and it is so magical to be driving down a back road and all of the trees are splashed with colors of red, orange, and yellows.

3. The weather

Possibly one of the best things about Fall is the weather it brings. The crisp air is so comfortable, not to hot, and not too cold!

4. Halloween

If you're a fan of haunted houses or corn mazes, or even hay rides fall is the best time of the year to explore all of these events. There are loads of harvest festivals, and haunted attractions all over to satisfy your craving for fall activities.

5. Movies

Not a fan of being scared in person? No problem! Fall is the time of year when movie producers slam theaters full of new thrillers and scary movies!

6. Fall clothes

Time to break out the cute boots, sweaters, and scarfs! I love fall because you can literally leave the house in a sweater and boots every day and be completely comfy, and look cute at the same time!

7. Leaves

What is it about the colorful leaves on a tree falling everywhere that makes everything seem so much more wonderful? I really can't answer that question, its just one of the hidden magics fall brings to us.

8. Football

There is nothing like a chilly fall evening bundled up watching your favorite team run the field! This is definitely an important piece of making fall the awesome season it is.

9. Thanksgiving

Let's not forget about one of the best holidays ever! Food, family, friends, games... Does it get any better? I know every year, I look forward to my family baking pumpkin rolls, and seven different flavors of pies to top off the turkey and stuffing!t

10. Fall dates

Whether it is a best friend, sister, family, or significant other date, fall brings some great options to the table to create fun memories together! Hayrides, pumpkin patches, apple picking, pumpkin carving, movies... I LOVE FALL!

11. Shopping

It's true that shopping can be fun any time of the year, but during fall it is especially fun because there are loads of deals, not just on Black Friday! Plus who can resist a new pair of boots for fall?

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