The 'Greatest Showman' Drinking Game And How To Play It
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My Roommate And I Made A Drinking Game For 'The Greatest Showman,' And Here Are The Rules

It's not over until the bearded lady sings.

the greatest showman drinking game

We all love a good drinking game, admit it. Whether your go-to is pong, BOOM!, or even flip cup — but the underrated ones are the ones that you and your friends come up with on your own during that movie night. When school ended this past year, I went on a trip and as soon as I returned, my roomie and I had a lot of catching up to do. So we turned on our favorite movie and here is what happened: we turned it into a drinking game.

Look no further, because if you have always wanted rules to drink for "The Greatest Showman," here they are!

1. Drink every time PT Barnum tells a lie


There's a lot of them, hope you're thirsty.

2. Drink every time PT Barnum takes out a loan


He is irresponsible, so you should be too — DRINK.

3. Drink every time an underrated character is on screen


Tattooed man, DRINK. Siamese twins, DRINK. Ann Wheeler, DRINK. Need I go on???

4. Drink every time the bearded lady is on screen


So underrated that she gets her own rule.

5. Drink every time someone is mean to PT Barnum, as a child or adult



6. Drink every time PT Barnum is shady to someone else

The Weekend Fox

Let's be honest... he wasn't exactly fair.

7. Drink every time someone addresses PT as "Phineas"


It's just funny.

P.S. We cannot be held responsible for any level of intoxication if you decide to play this game, but we can promise lots of laughs, fun, and anticipation of lies. Good luck!

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