11 Realizations You Make When You Move to LA.
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11 Realizations You Make When You Move to LA.

Where did the mountains go? Oh, never mind, it's just smog.

11 Realizations You Make When You Move to LA.

Well, I did it. I moved to Los Angeles, my dream city. I'm pretty sure that I've dreamed of living in Los Angeles since the day I was born, and now that I've lived here for six months, I think I finally understand what it feels like to be an Angeleno. Any out-of-stater will easily tell you that Los Angeles is simply not like anywhere else. Honestly, I couldn't be happier with how weird this city is. Having a fresh outlook on this culture made me come to some strange conclusions about daily life in Los Angeles. Here are 11 realizations I have made after moving to Los Angeles.

1. It is actually impossible to get tired of going to In-N-Out

There has to be an addicting ingredient in their secret sauce that keeps everyone coming back. Seriously, I'm convinced that In-N-Out knows a something about the world that the rest of us don't.

2. Celebrities aren't usually noticeable but they are everywhere.

Everybody is somebody in this city, so "celebrities" and connections are on every corner. If you truly think about it though, how many average celebrities would you actually recognize walking down the street. Plus, you can't fangirl over them, you have to play it cool.

3. People will practically do anything for money.

This city is expensive. Sometimes working two jobs means being G-Eazy's tailor during the day and an Uber driver at night. Fun fact: that's actually true, G-Eazy's tailor was actually my Uber driver one time.

4. You say you'll go to the beach way more than you do.

I'm pretty sure that I wake up every morning and think about going to the beach. Then, I make the sad realization that I should probably be productive. It's so tempting and so distracting..ugh.

5. Sports aren't as hyped up.

Don't get me wrong, LA has some intense sports fans, but it is nothing like where I come from.

6. People are really out of the ordinary, but they are incredibly talented.

The weirder you are, the more friends you will find in LA. Well, this is true for the most part. We all know we will end up working for these people in the future anyways.

7. You must conserve water.

When you move to LA you find yourself constantly having to remember that you must conserve water. I'm the person who takes 30 minute showers before remembering that we are in a drought. I apologize for not being environmentally friendly. Honestly, you can pretty much use as much water as you want, but shhh...don't tell NorCal people. They will get mad.

8. It's actually normal to exchange numbers with a complete stranger.

We aren't even talking about for dating purposes. I mean, do people actually date in LA? The number exchange truly all comes down to networking.

9. Everyone jams to songs about California.

I would list all of them, but that's kind of impossible. All I know is that it is a great feeling driving with the windows down and screaming "CALIFORN-I-A...Knows how to party!" And don't get me started about how many times I've heard "Party in the U.S.A" since I've been out here.

10. If you have a friend that lives on the opposite side of LA, forget about it.

If your friend lives on the other side of LA, they might as well live in another state. With traffic times and conflicting schedules, it's practically impossible to see them and it's just way to much work when you're lazy.

11. You realize that you would never want to live anywhere else

Let's be honest, this weather sucks you in like a black hole and the opportunities are endless. I'm pretty sure that everyone here hasn't made plans to leave anytime soon.

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